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How to Breed or Cultivation Canary

Here is How to breed or cultivation canary for beginners, if you're looking for information or tips please guide canary cultivation in refer. Okay, then we direct me to the main topic that I will discuss is how to breed or cultivation canary for beginners.

How to Breed or Cultivation Canary

Before starting breed or cultivation canaries, you should pay attention to the following factors among others:

1. Age of canaries
Age canaries be one important factor in starting the cultivation of canaries. In general sires ready inbred, to canary males aged about 8 months while for the female canary breeders approximately 6 months old. So you have to know when canaries ready for inbred because when age canaries are too young to be mated will affect the quality of the resulting chicks.

2. Gender of canaries
In breeding canaries you should be mandatory to identify the sex of a canary. Possible for experts canary canary is very easy to distinguish male and female but for a beginner, I am sure you would hassles in this regard.

At the age of five months or more, usually a male canary colors are brighter. in certain parts, sharper color, especially on the part near the head. Center head on female canary, yellow will be very bright.

How to distinguish canary we can see from the shape of the head, for the male canary usually has the shape of a flattened head, while the female canary usually has a rounded head shape

If at the age of six months has not caught gender, canaries were mixed among many walnut-walnut, the female will sit lower over this case because the structure of the body. And also typically, walnuts female will fight with a male canary when they want to sing or practice his voice. Although the females in a state of not being in the egg-laying period and it just wants to sing.

How to distinguish from anal canaries, canary males usually have a bulge in the anus, and canary females usually do not have a bulge in the rectum.

3. Cage for canary
We recommend placing a canary cage on the wall it is intended that the cage is not shaken. Place the cage in the shade and away from the crowd so that when the canary incubating eggs, do not feel disturbed. Place the cage in an area that is safe from ants or insects.

4. The process of mated canaries
This one process is rather complicated and difficult, because not all canaries which will be mated are, succeed. If you care for children canaries since childhood, and has different sexes, most likely canary chicks will be very easy for matchmaking.

But if you buy a canary retail or you already have a male canary at home and buy another female canary  in the market certainly will not be directly paired, so you have to mate in advance by:
Place the male and female canary in a different cage, and two cages are placed adjacent to each other. With the process, you will know the readiness of the canary is to mate.

Do it every day until visible signs of the male when on hold with the female will chase or crash into a cage with high winds and the female mating asking sign flapping its wings. Usually during the evening or at bedtime, walnuts male and female sleeping close together.
How to livestock or cultivated canary next is to put nest. When the canary females began compiling and tidying the nest means the female is ready to spawn.

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