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Tips How to Avoid and Remove Foot Odor

Unpleasant aroma that arises from the foot can certainly make less confident. Many think it is because the sweat on the nail, but the sweat on the feet actually not have odor. However, due to excessive sweating in the feet, sweat glands will react to bacteria that are sometimes attached to the dead skin cells, then released into the air and in the end will make your feet smell.

Tips How to Avoid and Remove Foot Odor
Tips How to Avoid and Remove Foot Odor

In addition, foot odor can also occur due to infrequent washing socks and shoes that this will cause the germs that stick in there will stick well in the legs that cause odor. Can also be caused by socks and shoes worn in a moist state.

 Here's Tips how to avoid and remove foot odor.

1. Applying deodorant
Applying deodorants, other than beneficial to reduce the production of excessive sweating in the armpits. Deodorants can also be used on removing bacteria that cause foot odor. You can apply  deodorant as one way to eliminate foot odor.

2. Wear cotton socks 
Wearing socks made of cotton can be easy to absorb sweat. It would be nice before wearing socks, sprinkle your feet with talc. This is to prevent excessive sweating and can keep feet dry. Focus sprinkles the talk on the sidelines of the toes.

3. Wash feet
By washing the feet regularly using warm soapy water solution. But keep in mind, do not soak the feet, because it can lead to damaging the natural oils on foot. After that, dry it right, especially on the sidelines of the toes.

4. Avoid damp feet in shoes
Avoid too damp foot in the shoe. Every few hours, open shoes, then a special spray foot spray or powder antibau can also use a special foot. This should also be applied when using socks or shoes first.

5. Avoid wet socks
Do not wear wet or damp socks. This is because it can make the bacteria grow more rapidly in wet or damp.

6. Using warm tea water
Using warm tea is one way to eliminate foot odor. Soak feet in tea water that is still in the warm and do regularly every day. Tea is believed able to remove the foot odor.

7. Using baking soda
Sprinkle brackish each shoe with a teaspoon of baking soda. It can neutralize the smell of feet and keep the feet to still dry when used.

8. Using lemon juice
Soak your feet in lemon juice for about 15-25 minutes and do this way 2 to 3 times a day. By using lemon juice can control and keep moisture away.

9. Using antibacterial soap
Using antibacterial soap, then use to clean the feet of the remnants of sweat and bacteria attached

Thats Tips How to Avoid and Remove Foot Odor that you can do.

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