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Tips How to Choose and Buy RAM for Laptop and PC

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessed in a fixed time not considering the location data in memory. This is in contrast to sequential memory devices, such as magnetic tapes, disks and drums, in which the mechanical movement of the storage medium forces the computer to access data sequentially.

RAM has the form 1 chip PCB, with many ICs on both sides. Available in capacities of 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB to 4GB of kepingnya. RAM is currently on the market generally have a capacity of 2GB or more. RAM for laptops called SODIMM, for desktop PCs called DIMM.

Tips How to Choose and Buy RAM for Laptop and PC

Here are tips on how to choose and buy RAM

1. Dual Kit
If you are using dual channel means you have to use two ram at once with the same clock. Even if not the same then the RAM with higher clock will follow the low RAM. Well, these two could use a dual memory kits. RAM dual kit can also be used for overclocking. The goal is increased when there is a limp when using dual kit.

Select memory with double amount if your motherboard supports dual channel. For example, "choose a pair of memory with each capacity of 2GB instead of buying a piece of memory with 4GB capacity". Support Dual Channel allows the performance of your computer system will perform much better. So, using two memory chips is better than using a single-chip memory although larger capacity.

2. Vendor
Look for a vendor that has a good reputation in sales and after-sales service. You can use a number of service centers owned and guarantee long as these benchmarks. Choose memory already widely known among computer users Avoid having strange memory chip, you do not know who the author. Names such as Samsung, Infineon, Visipro or Corsair and others can refer to. This is important because some mobo suggest specific chip to support suitability

4. Packaging or Box
Avoid buying memory whuch is not in the packaging tray. In today's market a lot of memory sold without packaging. Although labeled with different brands, do not easily tempted to buy this type of memory. The risk level of damage caused by static electricity is very high plus the risk of data corruption due to defective chip will haunt the stability of your PC.

5. Headspeader
If you often use the computer in the long term, be sure to select the memory which is equipped with heat spreader. This type of memory prices are generally more expensive than standard memory. Nevertheless, the performance and stability offered by this type of memory is very good.

Headspeader memory with more durable because it is not easy to heat. The main function of heatspeader is cool memory so durable. This is the reason why many users who choose to headspeader memory. But, if your PC is not really a standard configured so require HS because the heat level is under control. Except when overclocking your PC that allows high power requirements so that the hs is absolutely necessary to prevent damage.

Brands RAM complete with HS and is suitable for overclocking is corsairs. While brands avexir, Vgen, and elisir been good for setting standards at a more affordable price.

6. Warranty
Do not get stuck with the promise life time warranty. Definition of life time warranty according to the International Trade Law is limited to the product technology in question is still there and the production process is still ongoing. Select the memory with the lowest latency figures.

Differences with the usual expensive brands RAM lies in its performance at super speed or overclocking. If the speed limit of normal, in fact the brand is expensive or cheap yes same. However, many computer vendors will suggest you choose an expensive RAM.

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