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Tips How to Choose Crib

One of which is important for parents to prepare equipment in welcoming the birth of the baby is buying Crib (box baby). Every parent needs to choose Crib that is safe and comfortable for the baby.

Tips How to Choose Crib

Here are some tips in choosing safe and comfortable crib 

1. Position the mattress can be arranged
Choose Crib which mattress position can be set. It is necessary for safety when  the baby can stand on. If the baby can stand on  by holding the sides of the crib, the mattress should be moved level the bottom. This is to prevent the baby can get out of bed by themselves without parental supervision. The position of the top mattress is required when the baby is still not stand on its own to facilitate mother each take the baby out of the crib.

2. Fence
Make sure the baby is not easy later to open his own fence bed. Therefore, be sure to open the fence beds, baby needs power. Note the distance between the gap between the fence with the mat no more than 6 cm, it is to prevent the organs of the baby's body wedged between the gap.

3. Bolts and wheels
Always make sure the bolts on your crib is installed tightly and perfectly. For a baby bed that has wheels, make and make sure that the wheels can be locked tightly to avoid bed can slip by itself

4. Mattress
Do not choose a mattress that is too soft, because it can affect the baby's spine. Adjust the size of the mat with your crib so there is no gap between the edge of the crib with a mattress.

5. Mosquito Net
Choose a mosquito net that is longer than crib. Mosquito net is very useful to protect your baby from mosquitoes

6. Blankets and Bedspreads
Use material cotton blankets and bedspreads are soft, not too thick and not too thin. Also nice if cotton can absorb sweat baby. So that the baby feel comfortable during sleep.

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