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Tips How to Clean Windshield

Windshield is part of the car that serves to keep us from the heat and rain. Indirectly, the windshield is able to maintain our security and certainly affect comfort when driving.

Need special attention to taking care of the car so as not dewy glass, frosted, etched and greasy so it does not disturb the view while driving.

How to clean the windshield properly and easily made into one thing to do to take care of the windshield in order to avoid a car that opaque glass, frosted, etched or greasy.

Tips How to Clean Windshield
Tips How to Clean Windshield 

6 How to clean the windshield follows is fairly easy to do.

 It took a few steps in do it as follows:

1. Do not use chemical ingredients and alcohol. When wiping, do not think to use both ingredients to clean the Windshield, because it is not making the windshield clean but quite the contrary, can impair the function of damping the heat and cause blurred windshield.
2. Use cloth, which is smooth and clean. If there is dirt, potentially making the glass becomes scratched.
3. Wiping glass, the same direction, It is highly recommended and avoid wiping the glass with a twist. Because, wipe the glass with a twist can cause scratches on the glass if there is sand stuck to the glass.
4. When it rained, To avoid mildew, immediately wipe moisture present in the inside of the windshield.
5. Note the dirt on the sidelines of the rubber window, Dirt is potentially making the Windshield be scratchedwhen not cleaned.
6. Clean the windshield 2 times a day. To avoid dirt sticking too long.
For the treatment of auto glass is better and safer to use, it is advisable to use glass cleaning cloth, which is fine, or some kind of special cloth, to clean the windshield like a chamois. As well as regular maintenance to clean the windshield every day so as to avoid damage to the windshield is more severe caused by dull, dewy and moldy.

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