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Tips How to Make Decorative Lamp from Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles which are considered as waste and pollute the environment can be utilized again, become handicrafts that appreciating art and can be utilized in everyday life. We can make plastic bottles into beautiful decorative lights. Here's how to manufacture decorative lamps out of plastic bottles.

Tips How to Make Decorative Lamp from Plastic Bottle
Decorative Lamp

Tools and materials used:
1. Plastic bottles former sizable
2. plastic spoon 3. Glue
4. Cutter / Scissors
5. Set the lights

Ways of making decorative lamp from the plastic Bottles are:

1. Prepare plastic spoons, cut all the plastic spoon at the base of the stalk. And we use only scoop the concave part

2. Cut / holes in the bottom (base) bottles, forming a circle. Large hole size adjusted to the light. This hole will be used to enter and change the lamp

3. Attach the pieces around the circular spoon plastic bottles with glue. Starting from the bottom of the bottle, the circular. Then proceed on it circular, and so on (see picture) until the entire surface of a sealed bottle spoon, leaving only the mouth of the bottle alone.

4. Make a series of cuts spoon 1 piece resembles a circular bracelet using glue, by adjusting the size.

5. Attach a string of scoops resemble this bracelet on the bottle top. So will close and disguise mouth of the bottle is still visible.

6. Enter the house lights along the cord from the bottom of the bottle, and pairs of lights.

7. If you want other colors, can be distinguished by wearing light-colored type. Hand crafted decorative lamp has finished and ready for use.

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