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Tips How to Overcome Insomnia

Humans spend at least a third of the time in his life to sleep, and a minimum of human sleep 6-8 hours / day. Insomnia or sleeplessness often referred to as a disorder symptoms during sleep time in the form of difficulty to sleep or maintaining sleep despite having opportunities to do so. Symptoms of insomnia or sleeplessness is usually followed by functional impairment while awake.

Insomnia is not one disease, but a symptom that has various causes, such as emotional disorders, physical disorders, and the use of the types of drugs. Insomnia is often the case, be it at a young age and old age and also often occur at the same time in the presence of emotional disorders, such as anxiety, stress, depression, anxiety, or fear of something. Sometimes a person is difficult to sleep not only because of the body and brain are not tired

There is one way that an instant way for you to do but they are not highly recommended. By using drugs that serve to stimulate sleep. However, how such chemical consuming drugs would have caused side effects and the effects of his medication was only in the short term. Too often consume drugs that induce sleep can also create dependency. To that end, here's how to overcome insomnia in addition to using sleeping pills.

Tips How to Overcome Insomnia

Tips How to Overcome Insomnia

1. Avoid light during sleep
Light also affects the production of the hormone melatonin. Bright light can inhibit the hormone melatonin production process and in the end you will be hard to sleep. It is advisable to turn off the light source such as a TV, computer, bedroom lights, or others before you sleep. For the light source can not be turned off, you can use a dark cloth to cover it.

2. Exercise regularly
Regular exercise is one of the best ways to overcome insomnia and besides it can make your body healthier. The energy obtained after exercise can make the body is maintained. Leave a gap between the time you finish exercising with sleep between 3-4 hours. You can do light exercise, such as yoga, push-ups, or the other.

3. Not Smoking
As well as nicotine and caffeine is a stimulant. Nicotine in cigarettes can make the body more awake and finally the desire to sleep was hard to do. It will be good from now on to stop smoking and implementing healthy living that eventually even you can sleep soundly.

4. Bathing with warm water
Bath using warm water can make the body become more comfortable. When tired of working all day, take bath with warm water to cope with tense muscles, so it may be easier to sleep soundly.

5. Do not consume caffeine
As mentioned above, that the nicotine in cigarettes as well as the caffeine that can make the body more awake. Undo your intention to consume caffeine if you do not want to have difficulty in sleeping at night.

6. Make room for more comfortable
With comfortable and clean rooms, can make into a deep sleep. Before going to bed, try to create a comfortable room atmosphere, by setting aside items that are considered unimportant in the room.

7. Avoid looking at the clock
This is to prevent your sleep suffer if you constantly look at the clock which eventually cause you to worry about the sleep time remaining before tomorrow begins. For that, place the clock in the direction contrary to the visibility when your sleep.

8. Neutralize sound
Sound vehicles, droplet faucet, a dog barking, or the other can eliminate most of the time sleeping. To that end, make an orderly and calm voice, like the voice of the fan, air conditioner, or other sounds. In addition, ear plugs or ear plugs can be used.

9. Make up your mind to be relaxed
Relieve other emotions or thoughts that interfere with approximately 1 hour before bedtime. Do light activities, such as listening to music or others which relaxing mind.

10. Place the neck in a neutral position
Wake up with stiff neck, because using very thick or very thin pillow. Pillows should be sized appropriately to support the position of the neck in a neutral position. Avoid sleeping on your stomach position, because pillow will wrap around the neck.

11. Set the sleep schedule
Arrange schedule sleep and wake up in every day. By doing it regularly can make body and brain also stay at sleep and wake up on time. So you can sleep deeply through the night. By the time you wake up, try a bright light for 5-30 minutes. Light is one of the strongest regulator to wake the sleeping.

That are Tips How to overcome insomnia . Try not to use by reading books and using sleeping pills, they are not recommended.

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