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Tips How to Repair Laptop Keyboard

There are several things that can cause the keyboard to be damaged or does not work, among other things exposed to water, dust, moisture, and software errors. Some problems were experienced on the keyboard, among others, one or more buttons do not work when pressed, there is even a loose button off, the characters on the keys appears much when only pressed once, and the backlit lamp is not lit for a few specific types of laptops.

Tips How to Repair Laptop Keyboard
Laptop Keyboard

There are several alternatives that can be done if there is a problem like this. One of these tools use an external keyboard or Windows On Screen. However, the virtual keyboard on the Windows operating system is not effectively used if necessary to type a lot of data. In addition, you can try to fix it yourself first. Some damage to the keyboard problem may be caused by the keyboard itself, the keyboard connector, drivers, and operating system. Here are the steps that can be done to fix broken keyboard or error.

1. Diagnosis Cause 
If you see damage on the keyboard such as one or more buttons do not work when pressed, there is even a loose button off, the characters on the keys appears much when only pressed once, or backlit lamp is not lit, immediately sure what the exact cause of the malfunction. Damage can be caused by hardware or software on the laptop. To test, you can press the entire laptop keyboard keys. Make sure that one of the keys that have been pressed to respond. If the entire keyboard does not respond, then the damage usually occurs in laptop software.

2. Clean the Not Functioning Keyboard Keys 
Clean the surface of the keyboard keys using fiber cloth that has been moistened slightly. A keyboard can become dysfunctional because of a cloud of dust or traces of water droplets attached to the keyboard keys. However, you should still be careful, so that key damage on the keyboard is not getting worse.

3. Remove Not Working Buttons 
Once cleaned, the function keys or buttons are not separated from the keyboard. You can use nail clippers to help pull the key out slowly. Lift the plastic hinge of the folded beneath the keys.

4. Clean Sensor Keyboard
Sensor is a small drive with a foil-shaped lines form. Clean the sensor carefully and gently because this is very sensitive. Use a dry cloth fibers. Do not use a wet cloth because it can worsen the damage.

5. Attach Keyboard Keys
Attach the keys on the keyboard that has been removed in accordance with the initial position. So there are not position is changed from the initial position.

6. Test Using Keyboard
If the entire keyboard on the laptop was plugged back in, you should test its use. Whether the buttons can function properly again or is still not functioning. If it still does not work, try restarting the laptop and test again.

If the tips fix the keyboard, such as the above is still not successful, you can bring your own keyboard to a computer repairman. However, if it still can not work anymore, then you should be ready to replace the laptop keyboard with one new.

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