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Tips How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Everybody wants to have white teeth, clean and healthy. Nowadays a lot of products sold in the market to whiten teeth. Not all existing products is safe for you to use.

It's Better if you use natural way to whiten teeth. The natural way which is very safe and effective. There have been many successful people whiten teeth naturally. In the following description will mention some powerful natural way to whiten teeth.

Tips How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

1. Miswak
The first way to whiten teeth is using Miswak. You must be familiar with Miswak. Miswak is the stem of the plant that comes from the middle east. How to make white teeth by using Miswak is very easy. You simply rub the Miswak on the teeth. Perform routinely and you will see white teeth in quick time. In addition to making the teeth more white, Miswak can also make teeth strong and healthy.

2. Charcoal
The second way to whiten teeth is using charcoal. Charcoal is a matter that has since ancient times believed to make teeth whiter. You have to make sure the charcoal is used in a clean state. If you've found the right charcoal you can grind the charcoal to become subtle form. Spread the charcoal on the teeth and rub them with your fingers. You should rub gently because if you rub it hard going to make it felt to be uncomfortable. Do this every day and you will see white teeth.

3. The Orange Peel
The third way to whiten teeth is using orange peel. Orange skin that you should take is the section that has a white color. You can use part of the orange peel to rub into gear. It would be better if you perform this ritual at night before bed. Orange peel apart can make white teeth can also make the mouth becomes fresh. You must use the orange peel is still as fresh as fresh orange peel contains a substance which is more complete.

4. Salt And Lime
The fourth way to whiten teeth is using salt and lime. You should use a mature lime and take the it's juice. Combine the lemon juice with salt after it used to be rubbed into gear. How to whiten teeth quickly it will be effective if you want to use it regularly.

5. Betel Palm
The last way is to use betel Palm. You must choose an old betel Palm. If you've found a suitable betel Palm then you can burn the betel Palm. betel Palm burned should you puree to a fine powder. Mix fine powder with water and rub it into gear. You should brush your teeth gently so that the enamel is not damaged. Betel Palm is already commonly used to whiten teeth since time immemorial. Betel Palm can also make the teeth become stronger.

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