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Tips How to Make Pet Cat be Smart and Obedient

Training cats in order to make them be clever and obedient to what we order, requires extra patience, but with perseverance and the right approach to train a cat, so being smart is not something impossible. when you begin to want to teach something to the cat, make sure you patiently train every day. Let's suppose you are training the cat to defecate (poop) or peep in the toilet, make sure you already know at any time your cat poop and peep, for example, just after a meal your cat poop, when he showed signs of want to poop, immediately move him to the bathroom, and do it every day so that your cat a long long accustomed and when the cat wants popo and peep with itself he will go to the toilet, without you move again

Tips How to Make Pet Cat be Smart and Obedient

Tips How to Make Pet Cat be Smart and Obedient

be sure to feed your cat timely. make it a habit to feed on schedule, eg 3x a day at an hour that you have specified earlier. This method can make your cat used to it, so when the meal arrives, the cat would itself up to you with a meow to ask for food. so when the meal has arrived, but the cat is not near us, when we call, cat will soon come to us.

Sometimes animals also requires jovial mood and not merely hunting for food and sleep, but also takes time to Relax. Invite cat for play, for example by throwing a small ball that can be the object of puz or anything which make cat interested.

 Train Cats since child
Train cat as a child (kitten) is easier than we train cat that has been grown, the reason being that what you teach small cat since cat will continue to remember until grow older. but if you buy a purebred cat, for example, which may be an adult, ask the previous owner of any cat habits so as not to stress when being in a new environment

Give Love and Attention
By giving love and attention to the cat, this will make cat feel happy, and of course cat will be according to  follow you, and whatever you train will more quickly absorbed by the cat. you can give a little attention as stroking and petting pet cat fur by slowly and gently. never occasionally yell or hit your cat cats that despite mistakes you do make you angry, because once the cat was hit or in scolded, the cat will always be reminded of that treatment, so as to make the cat trauma and did not want to close again with humans.

The Systematic Training
For you who want to train your cat to become clever and smart in doing a trick, you should design and create programs to train your cat according to the tricks you want to teach, and do not forget each time you do the exercise for your cat, give awards like cat food after the completion of the exercise, it is useful that the cat was happy to follow the practice that you provide.

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