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Tips How to Choose Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling or skin diving is an activity swimming / diving in the shallow waters using snorkel, mask and fins. Well, for beginners who want to try snorkeling, do not forget to consider the following tips on choosing snorkeling equipment.

Tips How to Choose Snorkeling Equipment

1. Select flexible and comfortable snorkle  in the mouth
Snorkle is a breathing apparatus, which form of a hose, and  generally letter J shape  is equipped with a protective mouth at the bottom edge. Its function is as airways when breathing with mouth without looking up to the water surface.

Good Snorkle, is flexible. The more pliable rubber material is better. Check also the inside snorkle. Slippery or not. The slippery inside snorkle  make it easier to blow so that no residual water left behind.

2. Choose mask that fits with  face contours  
This is quite important. Improper use of masks will cause water entry into the mask, so that will disrupt your snorkeling activities.

How to choose the right mask is to put it on  face without using the strap fasteners. Then inhale breath through  nose and hold the breath for a while. When the mask is attached to the face, the mask is suitable for use. Additionally note the material. The more flexible a rubber mask and then the better.

3. Select Fins are in accordance with foot size
Fins is a fin-shaped rubber shoes are widened at the end. Its function is to increase the thrust feet when swimming. Good Fins is that fit with feet size and not too tight either narrow.

Fins are of two types namely open heel (open heel) and closed toe (full foot / foot pocket).

Closed Fins (full foot / foot pocket) has a tip fins are short and have various sizes such as shoes. This type is suitable for use when snorkeling because of the short ends of the fins that make it more flexible.

Fins open heel (open heel) only made in any size that is small, medium, large and extra large. The size can be adjusted by tightening the belt in the heel. This type is usually suitable for scuba diving activities.

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