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Tips How to Choose Wall Clock

In today's digital era, wall clocks is considered to lose its meaning as a timepiece. However, it does not apply to the interior design. Wall clock is often applied as an ornament wall decor unique and creative. Currently the design of the wall clock is also increasingly diverse, so semakain easily be used to beautify the room. If the election is right, wall clock will add character and space in your home. 

Tips How to Choose Wall Clock

Here are some tips how to choose Wall Clock:

1. Models and materials
In addition to functioning as a guide, the wall clock also comes in various models. Consideration of the current wall clock models will be used as a wall decoration of the room. One model that is timeless is the classic wall clock because it has the shape and color that is not boring. Besides the classic wall clock easily combined with any interior design theme.

Material for wall clocks are also diverse as wood, metal, plastic and acrylic. There are also clocks that use expensive metals such as stainless steel, bronze and even silver. Choose materials and wall clock that matches the theme of the room.

2. Customize characters
Choose a wall clock that represents your character and match the interior design so that it can add to the character of the room. Just as when you choose a painting for wall decoration, wall clock models also will affect the overall look of the room (source: http://howtomaketips.blogspot.com/2015/08/tips-how-to-choose-wall-clock.html). For a vintage-style room, choose a wall clock with carved wood on the frame is a sweet choice or use the model cuckoo clock (clock shaped birdhouses). For beragaya modern minimalist room, choose a wall clock or clock detail minimal eclectic style and art deco style so that the room looked more sylish. Examples shaped frame wall clock the sun or moon in order

To sweeten the look of the room, you can also put multiple clocks similar in sequence, as if in an art gallery and setting each hour according to the time difference between cities or countries.

3. Color
When selecting the clock try to choose a color that contrasts with the walls of the room. Wall clocks dark color such as black or dark blue suitable for a room dominated by white or pastel colors can make a room look more stylish. Vice versa, select brightly colored wall clock for the living room wall, dark

4. Placement
Placement of wall clocks as home decoration also be adapted to the function of the room. As for the room the kitchen, choose a wall clock that has a motif of vegetables, fruits or spices kitchen so as to give the impression of relaxed well as beautify the kitchen. For the children's room, choose a wall clock that has a motif favored children like cartoons or superheroes.

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