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Tips How to Request Increasing Salary

Each year is commonplace for employee receives  increasing salary. The salary increase each year are usually tailored to the company's financial condition and  employee performance appraisal. In addition to salary increases every year, in fact you are also desereve to get increasing salary for the accomplishments you achieved personally.

Although you have right, but apparently not many employees who dare to ask for increasing salary. Based on a survey conducted by thisismoney only 6 out of 10 people who dared to inquire about their increasing salary. The reason is because they feel uncomfortable asking for increasing and  afraid would be rated poorly by the boss.

Tips How to Request Increasing Salary

You want to know how to request increasing salary, do the following steps.

1. Ensure Healthy of Company's Financial Condition
Before request, you should make sure that the financial conditions are healthy and fine. Ask for increasing when the less healthy financial companies will become futile and instead may make the company disappointed and would terminatie you.

2. Make sure you already Carrying out tasks in Very Good
If you are already carrying out your duties very well, as employees, you have the right to request increasing salary. Would be unreasonable if you request before it is able to show the best performance as an employee in the company. Good performance shows that you are a valuable asset to the company and very worthy if you request increasing salary.

Always document your accomplishments and achievements as these things might be strong evidence for you when request increasing salary. If your work exceeds specified targets, mention anything that exceeded the target that makes the company benefited from the accomplishments you achieve.

3. Know How Much You Get Increase Decent
Find out how big you deserve get it, be it a basic salary, allowances, bonuses or other rights. If indeed the company is not able to fulfill your desire, try to ask for a raise in other forms such as home loans, vehicle loans, training, and much more.

4. Select The Right Time. 
Choosing the right time to request will increase the chances to be granted. The best time is just before the appraisal period the employee and the company usually already have  scheduled time to assess the performance of its employees. However, as mentioned above, employees are entitled to request, although not the inclusion of future performance appraisal. When you have an accomplishment in a job that gives an advantage to companies is the most appropriate time in addition to asking for a raise during the performance appraisal is held.

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