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Tips How to Teach Baby to Speak

Train babies learn to talk early would help train the communication skills and social interaction of the babies with the environment. What we have said, will be stored in its memory, and one day the babies will imitate what he heard, well it teaches parents and the people around them. One of the most important thing is to teach babies learn  to speak with positive words, although they can not speak, because this will hone their confidence. Here Below are tips to teach your babies to speak:

Tips How to Teach Baby to Speak

, Take baby talk as often as possible, early on, although he is not yet time to talk.

, Talk using soft voice, as they prefer to hear soft sounds.

, Always speak slowly and clearly to them. Do not forget to make eye contact with the babies.

, When we are playing with in small, you should turn off the radio or television. Radio and television sound can disrupt concentration.

, Choose  simple sentence.

, Ask questions that elicit a response of more than one syllable. Perhaps the answer is not clear, but we should still appreciate it and wait for the response.

, Encourage your babies to play. Teach them to talk to through the game, such as peekaboo, play guessing games, or also through their daily activities, from bathing, eating, walking, etc.

, Find the word that is easy to understand.

, Repeat what he says, or you are trying to say. This will clarify their meaning.

, Avoid rough talk and bad in front of them. Because what we say will be stored in the memory of a babies's brain, and one day bad words and rude would imitate them.

, Pay attention to the baby, if they start babbling.  His eye as if we know what is being said. This will make them happy to talk.

, Feedback to chatter, remember, always use the correct language.

, Do not blame what they say. Repeat what they are told although one with the correct word and repetitive.

, Recommend a baby know themselves, for example, shows where the eyes, nose, ears, etc also on objects around {chair, lamp, etc} and also the people around {grandfather, grandmother, etc}.

, Tell the activities what we doing, for example: bathing the baby, read a story, make milk, etc.

, Put on a baby's songs while participating singing. even better if we go dancing and swaying, clapping.

, Read a story book. Choose books with interesting pictures. Colorful images that will make your babies more interested.

, Respond with positive abilities or behavior. For example, if they could start on his stomach, praise them if they could spend their food, give kisses, etc.

, See their  response when speak to, if they still pay attention to us, can continue to talk. But if not, and begin to pay attention to anything else, we can pay attention to the time to talk for a while, and repeated again at a later time. Maybe your babies getting bored and do not in force.

The points are get more  talk to your baby. The more stimulation that we give, then the sooner he developed their speaking ability.

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