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Tips How to Train Parakeet to Speak

Parakeets can speak or imitate sounds that they hear from surrounding environment. However, this ability doesn't come automatically. Parakeets need to be trained to be able to imitate various sounds.

Fortunately, how to train parakeet to speak is not the hard case, and not take too long time. Here are the steps that must be done to make the parakeet adept mimic various sounds.
Tips How to Train Parakeet to Speak

Tips How to Train Parakeet to Speak

1. Start to train parakeet while still young. Just like humans, the young age of parakeets, is easier to be trained. Younger parakeet probably more expensive, but the extra additional costs will certainly provide more optimal results.

2. Place the cage where the parakeet can hear a variety of sounds such as in the kitchen or family room. However, parakeets also be made comfortable. Keep out of reach of children who will tend to scare parakeets. After parakeet feel comfortable in her new home, the training can begin.

3. Start to teach parakeets with words that begin with consonants than vowels, for example, 'hello'. Speak slowly and clearly. Kids can help because the tone is more higher than the women and children make learning easier parakeet.

4. After parakeet master some basic words, try to teach a series of words or phrases such as "Good morning!". Associate this phrase with a certain movement, for example, lifting the cage or put your face in front of the cage. This association will make parakeets learn to connect words with certain movements.

5. Rehearse the words that have been mastered parakeet. Parakeets can forget the words that have long mastered if not trained. Keep repeating various words or phrases even though the bird has been successfully mastered.

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