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Tips How to Wear Silicone Bra Safety and Healthy

Wearing silicone bras have become increasingly attractive because it can provide fast and great effect on the breast without rope. But the use of silicone bra is not entirely safe. There are some healthy ways to wear it.

Silicone bra is a bra that type of silicon material is inserted in the cup and without the use of ropes at all. This type of bra is designed specifically for use or a party dress shirt open at the back. But using of silicon material makes this bra is not entirely safe. In theory, a bra made of silicone and polyurethane film can last for several years, even if used daily.

Tips How to Wear Silicon Bra Safety and Healthy
Tips How to Wear Silicon Bra Safety and Healthy

But it should be noted that the silicon on this bra can leak and enter the body through skin pores or irritate the skin.

1. The right size
Make sure you use a bra with the right size, not too big and not too tight.

2. Take a bath before using silicone bra
Before using the bra, make sure you take a bath to clean or at least clean up the chest with a wet towel. This serves to remove dirt and perspiration, which could become a hotbed of bacteria breeding. Once clean, do not forget to dry it with a dry towel.

3. No part are leaked
Make sure no part of bra cups is leaked, so there is no risk of silicone out which can cause discomfort in the breast.

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4. Not wearing  over 8 hours
Quoted from the Telegraph, a major silicone bra company Marks & Spencer (M & S) has warned customers not to wear its products more than 8 hours. This warning is justified, since the content of the silicone bra that gives 'grip' and a sense of taut, can cause skin irritation in some users.

5. Make sure that bra is Clean
It should be noted that the outer layer of silicone bra is made of plastic. When it touches the skin, the sweat, dust and odors can stick to the plastic surface. So it is not surprising sometimes silicone bra emits the smell of sweat after a few times of use.

Besides the smell, the sweat can also increase the growth of bacteria. So, should replace silicone bra after two years of active use. This way, you always have a bacteria-free silicone bra.

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