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Tips How to Buy Plots of Land

Well, for those of you who want to invest in land helps you pay attention carefully safe ways to buy land, the article today more and more cases of land disputes/soil will eventually harm your own. Of course, you do not want to purchase property that has turned out to be problematic in ownership and validity of the certificate is or other problems. Therefore if you wish to purchase your ground is not a problem, you should read these tips to buy safe land below.

Tips How to Buy Plots of Land

Tips How to Buy Plots of Land

1. The development environment is crucial
You must be smart to see the development of the surrounding environment, especially the left and right, will be a neighbor later. There are lots of sales quickly but not built by its owner. Do not let you build a house, but the environment around empty for a long time, even the empty distance is very far away, your house looks remote. This is certainly not good in terms of security, social, etc.

2. Determine when the home will be built?
For example, you will build the house 3 years away from buying land plots. Here you can expect the development of the environment around the next 3 years.

3. Know former of land
Do not buy plots of land, a former cemetery, rubbish, houses of worship, because it is not good, or negative energy according to feng shui experts, and that both were former gardens, fields. If the area has been flattened, you can find information on the local village or sub-district.

4. Choose ramps slope
Select the ramps so you can easily make the water flow. If it is too flat, stagnating water flow so easily flood. If it's too steep, wasteful in leveling the ground.

5. The availability of support facilities
There are already available facilities such as electricity, water, markets, schools, hospitals in the local area. If no, you must be sure there are 3 years since you are planning to build a house at the time.

6. Access road
The access of road has always been a necessity wherever the lots will be purchased. Choose the access road that can pass two cars left and right.

7. Anticipate of danger or disaster
Avoid buying plots of land near high voltage power lines, gas pipelines, railroads, airports, and riverside areas. Anticipation has also been displaced by the construction of public facilities.

8. Old or new Plots
The new plots of land are generally high-priced. This caused the developer must restore costs and their capital. But if you buy the lot that has been too long in the beginning, you are underappreciated by the local environment. This point is not always right, but it is generally the case. Now depending on your pick or choose course not too new, not for too long.

9. Legality
Check the completeness of the deed. You can check to the village or sub-district office. Even more important not to buy plots of land in dispute.

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