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Tips How to Choose or Buy Motherboard

The motherboard or mainboard can be referred to, can be regarded as the foundation of the computer system (PC), since all the peripherals or components to be plugged in the PC's motherboard, so you could say this motherboard is the parent of all other PC components. So if you want to assemble a PC, the motherboard is one of the most vital part at all, should not be indiscriminate in choosing. The better the quality of the performance of a computer motherboard would be better and of course a longer working life than a motherboard with low quality.

Tips How to Choose or Buy Motherboard

Here are Tips How to Choose or Buy Motherboard.

1. Size
Choose ATX size motherboard form, because ATX size is  most standard size on the market, not too big and not too small. Number of slots in size ATX also been quite sufficient to install some additional components later.

2. Adjust the processor
Choose a suitable motherboard with processor you want. There are two things that must be considered, namely brand processor and processor socket. For processor brands usually there are only two known vendors, namely AMD and INTEL. If the processor you want to use is the product INTEL, then seek the support INTEL motherboard, as well as look for the AMD motherboards that support AMD. Then the processor socket itself is also important, because each vendor has many producing various generations of processors. For example such as INTEL, if you want to use the processor is Intel Core i5 LGA 1155, so look for a motherboard that does support the LGA 1155 socket.

3. Chipset
Make sure you choose a motherboard with  chipset that suit your needs. This chipset in outline, function control and communication between components / hardware in the motherboard. From this chipset can also be known features that are immersed in, for example, there is a chipset that includes already setting the VGA card is often called a VGA onboard but there is also a chipset without features VGA, then from the chipset can also be known to the maximum amount of RAM that can be plugged on the motherboard , In addition of this chipset can also be known information about the specification of the motherboard, whether for work or for gamers. If you are still confused, you just visit the official website of the motherboard vendor you are looking for, then there are certainly many series motherboards manufactured these vendors, each series must have the chipset is different and its features is certainly different, you just have to read and select the appropriate aja needs.

4. Memory capacity
Make sure the motherboard supports with memory capacity that you want, for example if you wanna install 4 GB of memory, so find a motherboard that can be mounted up to 4 GB of memory, or more. Suppose now you want to place the 4 GB used to be but one day there might be a plan you wanna pair up to 8 GB, meaning buy a motherboard that supports up to 8 GB of memory.

5. Quality Components
Choose motherboard with high-quality components, it can be seen from the capacitor components are used. There is a motherboard that already use a capacitor types SOLID CAP, shaped like a small tube and aluminum. It is one of the motherboard which already using quality components. While others still use Elco capacitor, the same shape as the tube is longer and just ordinary plastic. So the cap is much more solid and durable quality than those still using elco.

6. Brand
Choose motherboard which made by the manufacturer or reputable brand. The author's experience, there are three well-known brands which often found market, they are GIGABYTE, ASUS and MSI. 3 brand are already the category of premium quality, look at quality and layout of the components. The price is more expensive, but trust the quality assurance and after its sale will be different from other manufacturers.

Maybe it just had a discussion about Tips for Choosing a Good and Qualified Motherboard, may be used as a reference before you buy a motherboard.

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