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Tips How to Increase Appetite

Energy in the human body can arise due to the burning of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Substances need to intake enough food into the inner body, so humans have always fulfilled their energy. However, people sometimes may not have the appetite. Then how to increase appetite? The following is the solution.

Tips How to Increase Appetite

Tips to Increase Appetite

1. Exercise
All types of exercise that increases your heart rate to burn calories. When you burn calories, can stimulate appetite and increase the desire to eat.

2. Avoid intake of liquids before the meal. 
Studies show that people who drink 2-8 ounce glasses of water before every meal it lost 5 pounds extra than people who do not drink water before meals.

3. Laughing. 
Dr. Lee S. Berk and Dr. Jerry Petrofsky from Loma Linda University found that there is influence between laughing with someone's appetite. This study opens the possibility to find a solution coping appetite, especially for those who can not exercise regularly.

4. Eat with brightly colored plates. 
Bright colors like red, orange, and yellow can increase a person's desire to eat more. The color red can increase the respiration rate and raises blood pressure that increases appetite. The yellow color can improve concentration, also stimulates the appetite, because it relates to happiness.

5. Supplements Vitamin B. 
A large study conducted at the University of Chicago noted a significant increase in caloric intake in children taking supplements of vitamin B. Vitamin B is also known to help improve mood that may be effective for people who suffer from a loss of appetite caused by mental depression.

6. Consumption Zinc and Curcuma.
There are many studies that have been done on zinc and its effect on a person's appetite. Deign studies have found that people who suffer from zinc deficiency, there is a difference in the taste of food for them, as a result, may experience a decrease in appetite. If you feel that the food is not delicious, it is likely that you are deficient in zinc.

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