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Tips How to Make Children be Fat and Healthy

You need to know that not all children adequate nutrition, there are several issues that cause the child's body nutritional deficiencies and nutritional intake so that the child's weight will be disrupted. When the growth period, the nutritional needs of the child must actually be maintained, in order to be fulfilled, so that the child's body does not become thin. Need proper handling and seriously early on to keep the weight of the child. Diet and adequate nutrition will greatly aid their growth. As parents, we have to care about the amount of nutrients needed for our children, so that weight problems can be resolved. But unfortunately not all parents addressing this matter seriously so that when the body of the child already thin before parents realize.

Tips How to Make Children be Fat and Healthy

Tips How to Make Children be Fat and Healthy

1. Check, infected worms or not
The first thing that is important and all you need to know is to check whether your child is infected with intestinal worms. Because when children are infected with worms, all sorts of ways to add to the child's weight would be futile. Because the worms in the body will absorb all the nutrition and child nutrition meal. Therefore, if your child has an infection of worms, you should first treat intestinal worms infection, then you read the next stage below.

2. Find out the cause
A mother needs to understand this, that in order for the child's body can be fat, the next step that must be considered is what causes thin body. For instance, if due to illness? so the disease must be cured first. Generally, after recovering from the illness, the appetite will increase so it is not difficult to eat.

3. Provide balanced nutrition Children
Is the daily intake of food already meets the requirements according to age and activity. If children including active, by itself, food intake should be more in quantity. If the weight does not rise mean intake does not meet their needs.

4. Set the child's eating schedule
In the case of feeding schedule must be considered time. Remember, stomach empty child every 3-4 hours. Because usually eat about 7 times a day consisting of solid foods 3 times and resting supplementary nutrition for children aged 1 year and above. So do not just because obese children would then be forced to eat every hour, but did not have time to eat.

5. Providing nutritional protein albumin
Besides the nutrients needed by the child so she can grow up healthy and strong. One is the protein albumin. Albumin protein is very important nutrients needed every cell in the body growth or repair children. Cause nutrient deficiencies albumin in the blood can not be transmitted properly to the cells of the body that need. Normal albumin levels in the body between 3.5-4.5 g / dl. Albumin level less than 2.2 g / dl indicates there is problem in body. For received albumin naturally, consume Snakehead fish.

Snakehead fish has the highest protein content of albumin compared to a source of protein albumin from other fish, such as catfish, carp, tilapia, and others. The protein content owned catfish are also the highest compared with food, which is known as a source of protein such as eggs, chicken, and beef.

Snakehead Fish
Snakehead Fish

Per 100 grams, egg protein content of only 12.8 grams, chicken meat contains 18.2 grams, 18.8 grams of beef contains Snakehead fish while reaching 25.2 grams. Very much difference. Another points of Snakehead fish is has very good digestibility value reaching more than 90%. In addition Snakehead fish  has collagen which lower than the flesh of cattle, which causes cork texture of the fish meat more tender than others.

Generally, nutritional problems suffered by the children is not only caused by the intake of less, but also because the nutrients are successfully carried by the blood is very low, so it can not provide nutrients to the cells. Such cases are often found in children who have a habit of eating a lot and quite nutritious, but growth is very slow.

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