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Tips How to Make Leather Shoes

To make Leather Shoe is not easy, just need patience because the manufacture of shoes is not like making instant noodles because there is a miraculous stages and carried out by an expert specialized maker Leather shoes, stages, among others, are as follows.

Tips How to Make Leather Shoes

Tips How to Make Leather Shoes

1. Model pattern
The first is to make a pattern, so each pattern to be made must be determined and drawn in advance, about the size of the pattern, too, the pattern is made in accordance size of shoes. 

2. Cap Shoe
after the pattern is finished next leather is cut and stitched by tailors skin and be called cap,  top side of leather shoes and then suturing the layers as well as for later comfortable to wear, layers are usually of fabric TDR or sponge helmet, if the model of sneakers or can be of genuine leather.

3. Molds and Shoe Soles
after finishing making cap, we specify the soles of shoes. if it is appropriate sol to be used, we define the mold, usually the mold used is wood or mica, the mold is shaped artificial leg, choose the mold we must match with model and soles of leather shoes

4. Attach cap and sole
If shoe soles and molds have been selected, attach cap to the mold and pull up really looks like a shoe and put the soles on the bottom by using glue shoes to recording hood shoes and parts of the soles, if making strength for quality of shoes, will be absolutely assured that this attachment must wait about one night, in order to shape and gained good quality as well. after that is the release of the mold, the mold is removed but the cap and the sol has been fused into a whole LEATHER SHOES

5. Finishing
Finishing process is painting. It is the most important part is also to add a luxurious sense to the shoe, because the shiny shoes will give the impression of luxury and elegance.

If all are finished next is pressed lemekan and sponge so comfortable and there is a label.

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