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Tips How to Brush Teeth Properly

How to brush  teeth properly is not difficult. Even so considered trivial. With the teeth are clean, neat, and not perforated certainly makes you more confidence to perform in public. For that brushing teeth should be done properly so that leftovers no longer stuck in my teeth. Teeth require proper care to always awake health. Habits do not brush your teeth before going to bed is a blunder for us, because when we sleep, bacteria in the mouth, will work damage our teeth. Let's make it a habit to brush your teeth three times a day and do it the right way. Here are the things you should consider in brushing teeth.

Tips How to Brush Teeth Properly

Tips How to Brush Teeth Properly

1. Choosing toothbrush
Toothbrush is a tool for brushing your teeth. To choose a good toothbrush and gentle. A soft-bristled toothbrush does not damage your gums. By contrast, coarse bristle brush and hard can damage your gums. In use, replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Because after 3 months of use of the toothbrush reduced benefits.

2. Brushing gently
Rubbing or brushing  teeth is brushing teeth gently. Avoid brushing teeth with hard and harsh because it can cause sensitive teeth and receding. Gently rub your teeth in the front teeth first.

3. Using toothpaste
The use of toothpaste for brushing teeth should not be too much. Many people think that using toothpaste that many can make a quick teeth clean. But precisely because the use of toothpaste that too much will make us a quick finish. Use toothpaste the size of corn kernels.

4. Brushing vertically
Technique brush  teeth is by brushing vertically. Brush your teeth, upwards and downwards until the leftovers in between the teeth completely lost. Rub all parts of the tooth, from front to back carefully. Make sure you check the teeth and between them in order to check the leftovers.

5. Brushing teeth one by one
When you brush your teeth, you try to brush your teeth one by one for 12 seconds until your teeth really clean. It is important to do so that no leftovers are missing after you brush your teeth.

6. Brush the inside of the tooth
The inside of the tooth is the part that is hard to clean. Quite often, many people neglect to clean the inside of the tooth. Whereas gear inside is a hotbed of germs danbanyak store leftovers. Brush your teeth daam part evenly and thoroughly in order to come up leftovers.

7. Brushing the tongue and palate
Well after you've scrubbed all your teeth, now is the time you rub the tongue and palate. Why? Because the bacteria could have been lodged on the tongue and roof of your mouth. Rub slowly and gently so as not to wound.

8. Mouthwas
Mouthwash is a liquid that is used to kill bacteria in the mouth. Also can freshen your breath. By using a mouth freshener, the bacteria in the mouth is reduced or die so that the teeth remain healthy and be fresh breath.

9. Brushing teeth after drinking soda
Well if you drink soda, it's good you do not immediately brushing teeth. Why? Because soda can make your teeth brittle if directly rubbed. Soda contains acids, and when mixed with the toothpaste can cause brittle teeth and cavities. If you consume soda, then rub your teeth 45 minutes later.

With healthy teeth then becomes a beautiful smile. For a medical checkup at the dentist, check your teeth every six months to clean tartar on the teeth you. Healthy living starts from simple things, including the correct brushing.

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