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Tips How to Choose and Buy Used Electric Guitar

For all guitarists, especially who are learning course also yearn to own a guitar for more leverage in the study the techniques of playing the guitar well. But as we all know if the price of electric guitars (electric) with certain brands that already have a name certainly has a high price, while for the less well-known brands possibility arguably less quality is also good, so the results are not satisfactory.

Tips How to Choose and Buy Used Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar

To overcome this problem the best solution is to buy a used or secondhand guitar in music studios, stores or individual sellers, because of course the price will be cheaper if you buy a used guitar. But the problem is whether the former guitar also guarantee of good quality, because we do not know how the care and use of the old owners. So if we want to buy a used guitar course should be more careful in choosing to not regret in the future.

In relation to the above in this article we will give you a little tip on how to choose a used guitar in order to best mendaptkan liking. If you experience the same problem please read the below may be of little help as a reference

Electric Guitar Components
Electric Guitar Components

Tips How to Choose and Buy Used Electric Guitar

1. Neck
Check the neck on the guitar first, whether the neck is perpendicular or already somewhat curved. Make sure the neck is not curved because if it means the quality is not good

2. Fret
Check the frets are rusty or not, also check whether fret has a lot of holes or not. FRET is very influential on the accuracy of the tone so that it is also very vital.

3. Tuner
Check the tuner (guitar part to play string located at the head guitar) are still good or rusty. Because if the tuner is not in good condition, so usually, the strings will be easy to slack off, so that the tone will often modestly.

4. Pickup
Check the pickup and the best way is to try it use effect and Amplifier, whether the resulting sound is sharp or not. Try to compare with another guitar with effects and amplifier settings are the same and how the results differ much or not.

5. Bridge
Checks on the Bridge, especially those that can be installed sticks Whammy bar. Use the Whammy bar and then verify whether the pitch down after use, if the tone modestly despite being given a lock, it stands to reason that in the spring under the guitar as a hook Bridge, the condition is not good so it is less flexible.

6. Knobs of Tone and Volume
Check the volume and tone Knobs. The trick try to turn on the effects and amplifiers, if the Knob has been less good condition then when played will cause sounds a little noisy, in addition, when the strings of a guitar are not touched also arise ground buzzing sound.

7. Paint
Make sure the paint is still good, because it also affects the price of the guitar, but it would also affect the appearance.

8. Originally
Be careful, do not be fooled by a custom guitar very similar appearance and brand with original guitar manufactured. This is sometimes quite difficult to distinguish, but sometimes for some particular brand of guitar on the back of the guitar there is an iron plate which is used to coat the bolt that links between body guitar with the guitar neck to blend. This factor for some particular brand of guitar can be used as a reference, because the original guitar usually iron plate is engraved inscription guitar brands that you will buy.

9. Price
Another factor is the price, better consult with someone who knows the price development of the guitar. This usually is the owner of a music studio, then immediately ask them, but that you can also browse the internet to find information about the price of a used guitar, but do not forget to check the date on the information as much as possible looking for the latest info.

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