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Tips How to Choose Skateboards

Tips on choosing Skateboards
Before you want to buy a skateboard, newly purchased separately or per-set, there is no harm if the tips are considered ...

Tips How to Choose Skateboards

1. DECK. 
Before choosing DECK you need to know what kind of skating you will often do.
a. Skating at Skate Park, Vert Ramp and Pool (TRANSITION / SKATEBOARD VERT), the majority use this skateboader Board fairly wide, with a size of about 8 ", 8:25" or 8:38 ".
b. Others with STREET / TECHNICAL SKATE, some skateboader usually more comfortable with a Board whose width is less than 8 ".
c. If you like the kind of place at point a and c (bouth / ALLTRAIN) Board Means used to size 8 ".

2. TRUCK. 
Quite important because in it there is a small rubber Bushing shaped like a donut that functions as a cushion when turning. TRUCK with harsh and stiff bushings make the board more stable. while TRUCK with soft bushings make the run is so easy to do. For beginners, the truck should be adjusted to a medium size bushing.

a. TRANSITION / VERT SKATEBOARD. It uses WHEELS with the size of 55-65 mm with a hardness 97-100a. This could begin with the size of 60mm.
b. STREET / top technical SKATE. Size used 50-55mm, violence 90-100a.
c.BOUTH / ALL TERRAIN SKATE. Size used 52-60mm hardness 90-100a.

Size (rate) bearing ABEC 1-9 scale only odd numbers, to skateboard ideally 3-5, more subtle and not crack when jumping on board.

5. Griptape. 
It's just a sheet, its function is to cover the board, there are several types of grip tape, no rough and smooth, this depends on several lots of money to be available.

6. Rises. 
Which has the function to reduce the pressure truck on the board and keep the wheels are not rubbing your board.

Nuts and Screws mounted on board, there are some special colors, but because of insufficient funds enough to find basic parts. So if you want to choose the ideal skateboard and you do not meet the wishes of sticking with skateboard expensive price. But look like you want.

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