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Tips How to Decorate Small Bathroom

We are often faced with the problem of the arrangement for the narrow bathrooms but it must contain all the functions needed to be able to support daily activities. To help organize small bathroom, so Howtomaketips gives you some tips that can be a reference. Reforming the narrow bathroom or toilet becomes pleasing to the eye and functional as the bathroom is a huge challenge. Therefore, follow the following trick to organize your bathroom.

Tips How to Decorate Small Bathroom
Tips How to Decorate Small Bathroom

Here are Tips How to Decorate Small Bathroom

1. Sink
The sink is one of the furniture required in the bathroom. Before deciding to buy the sink, there are some things to think about. Determine the needs of your sink. Are you among those who have lots of toiletries, accessories and storage needs? If yes, choose  sink with small closet shelves and drawers underneath and behind the glass sink.

If you do not use many shampoo products, facial cleanser or soap, pedestal sink can be a solution. In addition to more simple, sink also saves space. There is also a sink that can be placed in the corner of the room thus saving space is limited.

2. Toilet
Usually people like large toilet. But this time, a large toilet just narrowing the bathroom. Therefore, if possible, change your toilet size. If not possible, then try to change the size of other items such as trash bag.

3. Shower
For those of you who are still using the tub, try to be abandoned and a change to shower. Shower would make the room more spacious. If you have previously using the shower, try to replace the shower curtain with glass doors. Glass will give the illusion that the bathroom look more spacious.

4. Light
Light can create the illusion of a room. If your bathroom has natural light, the room will look larger. In addition, the natural light will give the impression of a warm and inviting.

It should be noted also, the color of your bathroom. Dark colors will make the bathroom look more narrow and vice versa, light colors make the room look more spacious

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