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Tips How to Make Lips Look Thin Naturally

Maybe you do not like to have thick lips, and wann have lips which thin and sexy. For that there are tipshow to make the lips look thin quickly. This method is appropriate especially for women who want to improve the appearance to make it look more attractive and beautiful. Have beautiful and striking thin lips certainly is not impossible.

Tips How to Make Lips Look Thin Naturally

Here are Tips How to Make Lips Look Thin Naturally

1. Compress with ice cubes:
This method may not makes thin lips permanently, just a moment before you wear makeup on the face. You just compress the lips with ice for a few minutes so that the lips become shriveled and lips look thinner.

2.Do not use and apply lip gloss:
Should avoid lip gloss, because applying lipgloss, it will make your lips appear thicker. Everything glossy, would make such effects appear thick lips. Instead, use the lipstick with a neutral and bright colors to give the impression of a thin lip, without lip gloss afterwards.

3. Lips Exercise :
Exercise lips that are believed to make your lips thin if done regularly. Exercise lip is done by opening the mouth wide, then closed it or it could also do yoga called "Lion's Breath".

4. Do not often eat spicy food:
By frequently eating spicy foods will only make the lips thicker. So for those who like to eat spicy food but want a charming thin lips, from now on should be reduced.

5. Do not biting lips:
Often people do not deliberately, often biting the lower and upper lips. Well, it is better now to avoid doing this habit because it will only make the effect of thickening on the lips.

5. Smile:
How to attenuate the lips of men and women can be done by smiling. Many people believe that with smiling, the muscles will be attracted to the upper lip and make the lips become thinner. Moreover, smiling is the most inexpensive way and can make you look younger.

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