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How to Cook Turkey Become Tender

Turkey meat texture is known as a tough and hard if cooked. So, you will surely be overwhelmed if eating this meat. So, are all turkey meat if cooked always tough? The answer is no. For those who know how to cook turkey meat, you definitely will make it tender and tasty.

Here are tips how to cook turkey become tender

How to Cook Turkey Become Tender

1. Soak to cold water
The first technique is cooking the turkey by inserting it into the cold water. You put the meat in cold water and then boil it. The temperature should also be gradual, from low temperature and gradually increased. Apparently, the cooking techniques that often do is boil the turkey using water boiled. Thus, the meat was tough textured. Boil the meat is approximately up to 2 or 3 hours, then the turkey meat will be tender.

2. Papaya leaves
The second technique is  wrap turkey meat with papaya leaves that have been crumpled up out sap. You should cut off and wash them thoroughly. Then enter seasoning and wrap the meat using papaya leaves that you knead earlier. Let stand for about 30 minutes because of an enzyme found in papaya leaves will make the meat soft, so it can be tender when you eat it.

3. Pineapple
The third technique is cooking turkey, by rub the meat with grated pineapple because pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which able for tenderizing meat. How to process almost the same with the second technique. First, turkey meat should be washed thoroughly, and cut into pieces according to taste. Then coat the meat with grated pineapple which has been prepared, while squeezing, in order to pineapple can seep into the meat. Lastly, let sit for thirty minutes before you process them into a delicious meal.

These techniques on top, useful for juggling turkey which  hard to be soft. If you have thought that it is difficult to cook the turkey, then you are mistaken assumption because of the ways of cooking the turkey that was shown above prove that turkey meat is the same as the others that can be converted into food delicious to eat.

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