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Tips How to Choose Bra for Big Breast

Choosing a bra is important for a woman. Bra is not only mandatory attire for women, but it also has many functions, primarily to maintain the firmness of the breasts and makes a woman gets more free activities. Especially when large breast size, interfere with the appearance and activity if not wearing a bra or the size does not fit. Well, here are tips on choosing the right bra for big breasts.

Tips How to Choose Bra for Big Breast

1. Strap Large
The larger the breasts, the more weight, so that the strap or rope clamps must be large to support the volume. Strap a large and wide will reduce the pain in the shoulder. In other words, the burden of breast will spread to some point.

In addition to the shoulder strap hook, rope encircling the chest also should be large and strong so that the bra is really attached to the body and supporting appropriately. Rear straps must exist below the spine.

2. Full Cup
Choose a cup that can cover all parts of the breast and do not let any parts sticking out. Cup is too small can not be well rested so that breasts become loose. While the cup is too large will also be the same effect. So, measuring the diameter of the chest before buying a bra.

3. Underwire 
The bottom of the bra also must be strong in order not lifted so that the breast can not be supported perfectly. The presence of the wire in the bra will hit the bottom so it is not lifted by bra straps.

4. Avoid Foam Bra
For large breasts do not need to wear a bra Foam, because it will make increasingly looks great size. This will disrupt the appearance and make the shoulder heavy loads. You should also avoid the pointy bra on cupnya.

5.  Strong Stitch
Do not just buy a bra with a cheaper price but the quality is low. Large breasts bra that will suppress the Stitch must be strong so that is not easily torn. In addition the material is also easy to be nice to not slack. Some low-quality bras are often stretched after discharging a few times.

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