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Tips How to Choose Underpants for Women

One vote underpants can cause a variety of complaints in the genitals and surrounding areas. From allergies to discharge leucorrhea. Here are tips on choosing the right underpants.

Tips How to Choose Underpants for Women

1. Adjust With Body Shape
- The shape of the buttocks
If the shape is dropped and width, panties g-string models clearly not match. Gravitational pressure of the buttocks, instead will cause friction between the buffer with our genital organ so that the skin will easily scratched.
- Potbellied, and wide hips.
Select full figure underpants models or maxi, because it protects the entire area of the genital organs, so wear comfortable and healthy.
- Slim, tall and toned buttocks.
Should choose a model thong or mini. To create the impression of a sexy, or when you are wearing a tight dress pary, select models of g-string or thong, in order to form the panties, not visible in dress. But avoid using this model for a long time considering this model does not protect the bottom completely.

2. Materials
Panties of cotton still remains the safest as underpants worn everyday, even for sensitive skin. Cotton can absorb sweat well and is easy to clean. Cotton cause a sense of cool and comfortable.
Wearing panties for everyday, nylon highly not recommended in view of the texture of the material makes us swelter. Nylon panties also easily cause vaginal area so damp so bacteria and fungi proliferate easily, because the material does not absorb sweat.

Sometimes the manufacturer, cotton blends with other materials such as spandex, lycra, latex, silk, nylon or vinyl to make the panties into strecth.

Cotton is the most good although aesthetically less because there is no elastic material. Whereas favorable elastic material to form the contours of the body. If you want to choose pants with a mixture of materials that can strecth, is okey. With the conditions are more elements of cotton, and its use is not for a long time, because the elastic materials that hinders the process of evaporation so that moisture increases.For sensitive skin, mix of ingredients above, have risk for causing irritation. Signs usually appear spots are red and feels hot and itchy skin in contact with underpants.

Lacy underpants may be worn. But don’t wear it everyday, even for skinny women. Because the lace materials save more detergent when washed. 

4. Size
Find the right size. Do not choose pants that are too tight or loose. Make sure your skin is not stressed by the panties. if there's skin stressed sign, means you need a pair in a larger size.

Rubber in the stomach also should not be too tight because it would be likely to cause allergies due to the pressure due to the use of overly stringent and continuously. Select pieces of underpants that the groin part is not tight, so the movement of the legs get more freely.

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