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Tips How to Clean and Care Gas Stoves

Now almost all households use a gas stove for cooking .There are many kinds of gas stove, there are portable, some have one or two furnaces, and some are in the form of a complete unit with the oven. However, the most widely used today is a gas stove with a duct hose connected to the gas tube. This type of stove choice of course depends on the needs and abilities of the family economy.

Tips How to Clean and Care Gas Stoves

Although gas stoves tend to be clean and practical in its use than the kerosene stove, it still requires proper care and routine to remain durable, flame turns blue, as well as her physical appearance remains attractive. By cleaning the gas burner on a regular basis, in addition to durable, gas stove also be optimized to generate heat, so that it can accelerate the work of your kitchen.

The most important part is the furnace. So how to keep flames remain blue, keep the surface and the furnace inlet are always clean. If the fire has started redness indicate dirt clogging the flow of fire. Also if the flame has begun to shrink, this is a sign that hampered the flow of gas in it. If it is happened, the furnace must be cleaned. Here are step-by-step process:

1. Remove the burner from the gas hose, furnaces head, funnel flame (burner), lighters, also switch of stove.

2. To remove the gas hose, unplug head of the hose (regulator) which is mounted on the gas tube and the rear of the stove. After that, clean the entire surface of the hose using a damp cloth to determine whether or not leak or crack in the hose.

3. To clean the furnace, remove the cover iron, then wipe with a damp cloth until clean. Also Wipe part of the furnace inlet. If the jagged layer can be removed, disconnect and puncture a hole with a needle or brush gently using plastic brush in order to dirt in hole can be removed. Because, these impurities cause the flame blue to red. If necessary, soak in vinegar  for 1 hour, in order to display the furnace head, shiny yellow.

4. Funnel flame (burner) is usually made of copper or brass, and easy to be black and rusty. To clean, remove the wire binder from the burner flame funnel and then soak in a solution of citric acid (prepared by dissolving one tablespoon of citric acid into a glass of hot water) for 2-4 hours. After that, brush up the original color reappears burner then rinse with clean water.

5. If the stove is made of stainless steel, using clean dry cloth. If there is food stuck former can be cleaned with a cloth dipped in soapy water. After the stain are disappeared, rub again with a dry cloth.

6. To prevent gas leakage, make sure hose that deliver gas from the stove pipe tube to enter as deeply as possible. Also make sure the gas hose away from hot surfaces, not in a bent position, and the outer surface of the hose is not visible cracks that could allow leakage of gas.

7. Check regularly regulator which controls the gas pressure. Make sure the regulator is properly installed. The ideal pressure for the stove is on low pressure position. Avoid pressure exceeds the strength of the tube because of a risk of explosion.

8. Never once turning on the stove if there is no means to cook on it. Although you only leave the flame for 5 seconds without tools cooking on it, it could lead to gas and is potentially dangerous.

9. Whenever finished cooking, always clean the stove body using a dry cloth. Do not wait until the dirt encrusted as it will be more difficult to clean. If there is oil that stick, wipe with waste paper, then with a dry cloth. If there is a former food stuck, wipe with a damp cloth given soap, then wipe again using a dry cloth.

10. Clean button stove with a dry cloth or foam from dirt and oils that stick.

11. To clean the gas tube, simply washing with ordinary soap and rinse thoroughly.

There are just tips on caring and cleaning the gas stove so durable and flames turn blue. These tips are really useful and you can practice and prove yourself.

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