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Tips How to Buy Saxophone for Beginners

Having a saxophone, perhaps it's better if it is to seriously learn to play this wind instrument. However, beginners usually do not quite understand about the musical instruments which are suitable to be chosen. Check out some tips on buying a saxophone follows, if you want to buy a saxophone.

Tips How to Buy Saxophone for Beginners

1. Identify the type Saxophone
For beginners, would probably have difficulty in distinguishing the types of saxophone. According to ordinary people, all types of saxophone will look the same, but the reality is very different. There are many types of saxophone. The most popular are alto and tenor saxophone, followed by the baritone and soprano.

Alto and tenor saxophone could be an option for beginners. For children, alto might be the best alternative. Alto require less air when blown. The location of the keys are too close together, so that people who are handed a small, are not difficult to use.

Soprano saxophone tone higher than the alto. This indeed makes it requires less air when blown, but beginners will have no trouble getting a good tone, especially when trying to reach the higher registers. It is also to be experienced while playing the baritone saxophone. Higher tones difficult to obtain, while the tones lesser need a lot of air.

2. Note the ergonomic aspects
The meaning of ergonomic here is ease when playing the saxophone. For beginners, should not choose very large saxophone. Make sure you choose a comfortable saxophone fingering on the keys while performing.

3. Adjust the type of music
Different types of music, different from the typical saxophone also required. If you want to play music genre like rock 'n roll, tenor be the best choice. There are a lot of repertoire that can be played by an alto saxophone if you want to play classical music. Meanwhile, if you want to play Jazz music, no matter whether using alto or tenor saxophone.

4. Adjust the budget
Select the saxophone used or new? Of course talking about the budget. Most beginners do not consider the option of buying a used saxophone. The new saxophone can boost self-confidence, because usually beginners see the view outside and still less question the sound produced. Buying a new saxophone is also a guarantee of its own, because we apparently will not have to give extra care until quite some time.

But that does not mean there is no risk of buying a new saxophone. The quality of the saxophone with others may be different even from the same vendor. The tendency of the company producing the saxophone in a large number of very possibly compromising quality. Therefore, make sure to buy the saxophone, in professional, saxophone store

For those who have a more limited budget, used saxophone can be an alternative. In terms of the quality of a used saxophone is possible to have good quality, of course, if taken care of properly by the previous owner. Another interesting thing from used saxophone is the good quality of the manufacturing process and material. However, knowing how saxophone decent condition requires special knowledge. No harm, invites people who have had experience with wind instruments this one when you want to buy a used saxophone.

5. Select the appropriate reed
Beginners usually start from reed # 1 or # 2. Reed # 3 or # 4 could be an option when I started using a more open mouthpiece and increasingly powerful gust. Two types of reed the latter also has half of reed # 1 or # 2. Even so, there is no harm to experiment with a combination of reed and mouthpiece to get a type of reed which is more appropriate.

6. Cheap saxophone for beginners, it does not matter
In general, saxophone older and more expensive quality is better. But for starters, do not necessarily have to buy expensive saxophone. There are several reasons why you should buy a cheap saxophone. First, it may not be used for a long time. Second, no matter whatever expensive saxophone, beginners will probably remain difficult to produce a good sound at first or second year. Third, the more important part note are reed and mouthpiece.

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