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Tips How to Remove Comedo Naturally

Comedo is a blockage in the skin pores, making it appear small white bumps called whiteheads, and black is known as a blackhead. Sometimes, blackheads are also yellowish. Typically, the main target is the appearance of Comedo on the face, nose, and eyes area. Comedo can develop into acne, known as papules or pustules. Comedo generally usually arise and thrive during and after puberty, when hormone levels produce excess sebum.

Tips How to Remove Comedo Naturally
White Comedo

Sebum, which serves to moisturize the skin, flowing out through the open pores. Sometimes the sebum secretion is also blocked, and that's where the bacteria begin to accumulate. For those who are affected by this problem, do not worry about finding the solution because here will be explained about how to remove Comedo naturally. Indeed, this seems a slut and cheesy, but wait does not directly assess from the outside, but the benefits contained therein will be very powerful, and the results can be disappointing. May need extra patience level better to do this because this is not the way that instant and fast, because it takes your regularity in implementing it to get maximum results.

HOW to remove Comedo NATURALLY

Here are 5 natural ways to get rid of Comedo you can do at home without going to the beauty clinic. Let's look together.

Papaya fruit is very famous for its usefulness for facial skincare and beauty. One of the benefits of papaya is to remove Comedo. Quite easy items, namely make papaya mask. Mashed papaya fruit flesh up like mush and then apply on the face visible around there blackheads, evenly. Take a few moments and then rinse with clean water. You can do this when you wake up in the morning and at bedtime.

Aloe vera gel is beneficial to overcome Comedo. The trick is to take one aloe vera stems, then slice it into two parts. Take mucus or gel and apply on your face and the nose area of ​​Comedo. Do regularly 1-2 times a day until Comedo disappears. If the gel produced is less, you can also blend or smash the chunks of aloe vera.

Well, usually, if you're boiling water, then take advantage of the hot water vapor to remove Comedo. Besides another effective way is to add a little salt to the boiling water, then wait for it to boil, then Steam face or where Comedo for 5-10 minutes. For more leverage, cover your head with a towel, then sit down and face the hot water. This method is also useful for improving blood circulation and relieve cough flu.

Furthermore, How to remove Comedo naturally by using lemon juice or lime. Lemon is beneficial to remove excess oil on the face. The trick is to prepare the lemon juice, mix with almond oil and glycerin. Mix the three ingredients and puree using a blender. After that, apply it on Comedo evenly, wait 10 minutes, then rinse using clean water. This method is also useful in removing stains black spots on your face. You can also make a scrub with a mixture of lemon juice, salt water, honey, and yogurt. Mix the ingredients and rub gently in the area affected by Comedo.

Especially for this part egg whites, only for troubleshooting Comedo. The trick is to smeared egg white (you can also add one tablespoon of honey) on the face that affected your nose Comedo or evenly, then let stand until it dries, about 25-30 minutes. And then wash your face with warm water.

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