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Tips How to Choose Active Speaker

How to Choose the Best Active Speaker requires some consideration to determine the most good Speaker, that are precisely as needed, and have good sound quality. Each person must be different in terms of taste. Who want strong voice for power, definitely seek greater RMS power. For those who want olid bass sound, it determines the size of a large woofer.

Of each active speaker manufacturers always try to design speaker with features that can attract consumers, for example Polytron PAS 78 with XBR feature or SHARPCBOX-ASP1001BO with XBASS. Therefore before you decide to buy active speakers, you should have a description of what you want, to be able to easily look to satisfy an interest in audio entertainment system. For consideration in the "choosing active speaker" below there are Tips How to Choose Active Speaker.

Tips How to Choose Active Speaker

Tips How to Choose Active Speaker

1. Brand 
Active speakers including electronic equipment which may often have problems, therefore you should be more selective in determining the active speaker brand with famous brand, at least National Scale, as well as the best after-sales service, product warranty terms and presence service center to serve customers. Quality is also guaranteed, if the active speaker produced by manufacturers who have experience in the field.

2. RMS
Active Speaker is an integrated circuit amplifier with speakers, so the operation to be more practical, while the main benefit of the amplifier is amplify the audio from the source, so the sound grow even stronger,  There is another power unit namely Watt PMPO, but the power of this type, can not make a benchmark to measure the power of the active speaker. Because each manufacturer has always claimed to have great power PMPO.

3. System of Speaker
Typically, the active speaker system uses speakers 2 Way, and 3 Way. Judging from the coverage frequency,  3 way system has wider scope, because use 3 types of speakers that subwoofer, midrange and tweeter But do not think that the active speaker that uses three speakers of 3 Way, maybe the system is two way but using 3 speaker eg double woofer, a tweeter. Step easiest to know, which is looking at the specifications.

4. Connectivity
Today, the are media audio players, not only portable DVD player. therefore, in order to suport with other devices powered speakers require complete connectivity , so it is not just shaped line standard input (RCA) but is also equipped with a USB Player-input and Line-input 3, 5 mm for a gadget or a more sophisticated with support Bluetooth connection. If you want to integrate with other tools, eg Active Subwoofer, you can specify the speakers that have a line out.

5. Size of subwoofer
Bass sound from active sepeaker really depends on the size of the subwoofer power, more power and more stable woofer size bass sound is also generated. If you like the sound of thumping bass that is stronger then you can choose an active speaker with double woofer.

6. Size Box Speaker
The larger the size of the speaker, the greater also the speaker box. For example, the size of the speaker box for 8 inch subwoofer, certainly not the same as, the size of the 10 inch woofer. The magnitude of the speaker box can be an indication of the amount of power even though not absolute, there is also an active speaker who has great size but have very little power.

7. Function
One of the considerations before determining when active speakers. which will be used for what, and where it will be placed. If you want to use for family entertainment facilities (DVD Player, Karaoke, Tv) and placed in the spacious living room, would have been more fitting to use active speakers great power, and has a large size, for example Polytron PAS 78. If used in the rooms are small in size, more suitable to wear active speaker with power and small size, for example Polytron PAS 12. Note also the location of the control, to control that is located above, more fitting placed on the floor, while the controls listed below, more fitting is placed on top buffet or table.

8. Electricity
Electricity consumption need to be considered, more RMS power, so the consumption of electrical power is more required. If you want to save electricity, make sure the speakers are active with small power. Note also the electric power installed in your home and needs if indeed quite please specify large power speakers.

9. Design
Really exciting to have an active speaker with a charming design until you look at it at home as well as at home linger listen to music. In addition to its own satisfaction, a great speaker design also will add value to the interior where its placed.

10. Features
The more complete active speaker features more easily you get your desired audio entertainment, comfortable and fun. May be active speaker features brands with each other is not the same. a feature that generally have active speakers including Tone Control (Bass, Treble, Volume), Mic Input, Mic / Echo Volume, bass enhancer, magnetically shielded, Led Display, FM Radio, Direct Button, AVC, Remote Control, Pitch Control.

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