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Tips How to Choose Wedding Ring

Marriage is a very sacred moment for lovers. Besides being happy, sometimes seconds before the wedding also be tiring. Many things have to be prepared, ranging from invitations, catering, building, interior design, and so forth. Behind all these preparations, there is one important thing affects the smoothness of your wedding party. Historic moment for you this will not be complete without the presence of a wedding ring. How do we  get a proper wedding ring?

Tips How to Choose Wedding Ring
Tips How to Choose Wedding Ring

Here are tips how to choose wedding ring

1. Estimate Time
Time becomes the most important thing when choosing wedding ring. The right time to choose  wedding ring is 6 months before the event. Because there are more considerations when choosing a wedding ring. A short time will make you and your partner are overwhelmed and out of a jewelry store in a hurry.

In addition, the jewelry store also takes time to make a wedding ring that you choose, of course you do not want to use fake jewelry on your happy day, is it?

2. Design
Design is important. Ring which looks beautiful attached on  finger of bride, is not necessarily appropriate for the groom. It could be too feminine or color does not match the skin color of the groom. That requires an agreement to choose the design, the best for both.

In addition, the wedding ring design to be adapted with profession of the bride and groom. If you work in office, certainly not a problem if use diamond wedding ring tied to the center of ring. However, how if you works as an engineer, who work in outdoor?

Using a diamond ring would be dangerous, because the diamonds may fall and disappear. You can choose wedding rings are simple and plain or with a diamond embedded in the center ring.

We recommend that you choose a model that is easy to cleaned, so you can take care of themselves. If you choose a model that looks pretty complicated ring, make sure the jewelry store where you buy the ring can provide maintenance care and cleaning jewelry.

3. Material
Do you want to use  wedding ring with diamond or not? Made of gold or platinum?

If gold, is gold color matches with  color of your skin and your partner? Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or a combination of two colors?
Wedding rings are usually worn by the bride is 18 carat gold grading. Such gold yield of 75% gold and the shape will not change when it is used in everyday activities. If you want to use 24-carat gold grading, should be avoided because it is less suitable to be used as a wedding ring, because of the size of the 24-carat-containing metal is soft enough so that it will be easier to deform.

Many people advised to choose a wedding ring that is white with a rounded diamond shape. Because, no angular shape, can make the light look nicer.

If you choose a ring of platinum material, you should avoid to not wear it when doing heavy work, rough or when exercising, because platinum is quite easily scratched. Also avoid to wear a wedding ring like this when you are working with substances containing chlorine, such as bleach, cleaners or disinfectants that are usually contained in the pool.

That are something that you need to consider before choosing a wedding ring too.

5. Do a final fitting
Measure the wedding ring when you're relaxed condition and the body temperature in normal circumstances. Do not measure it in the morning, because the fingers will usually be a little bit swollen, because your body in the morning contains salts that are still stored on since the night before. Size fingers will also be little changed after you exercise or or when your body is in a state of heat as well as cold.

For those of you who have a little finger shape are advised not to choose a wedding ring  that looks wide. Because it will be less worth seeing.

4. Budget
The latter is the budget. Because the wedding ring is a jewelry that will be used one for a lifetime, of course you want that impression. So, do not set a budget too small.

Adjust with the ability and desire for your precious moments.

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