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Tips How to Choose Cosplay Character

Cosplay or costume play is a hobby that became a trend in recent years, so we often find a lot of cosplayers (people who do cosplay) at a particular event. This hobby is not limited by certain age and certain characters such as anime characters, games, celebrity or superhero.
But sometimes choosing character to be played can be a challenge, especially if too many interesting characters that you like.

To help you, here we present some tips on choosing a cosplay character appropriate for you.

Tips How to Choose Cosplay Character

1. Display
Remember that cosplay is for everyone, not limited by skin color, body size, eye color and so on. Cosplay is to have fun, so you can choose any character you want. You do not have to have  perfect body and beautiful face to make this cosplay.

2. Budget
Pay attention to your budget. Make sure you choose a costume and properties according to the budget support that you provide. Compare different stores that provide fabrics or other materials to get a cheaper price and good quality.
Some of the online shop provides cheaper price, but also pay attention the postage.

3. Treatment of Costum
Choose a costume that you can always care. Note, the empty place in your wardrobe. Prepare a special place to store the wig. And make sure your costume still have a good shape for the next time.
Prepare a special container for storing your special makeup for your cosplay activities. And make sure you check your cosplay gear each time you clean it

4. Choose a character that you already know
Avoid choosing a character by simple reason, because it has a lovely outfit, or have a unique hair. Try to choose one character that really had you understand it, so you do not have difficulty to explain to others about the character you are portraying. It also makes you more animates the character that you choose.

Find out what are the capabilities and appeal of the characters that you choose. You are also not limited to selecting only the good character or protagonist. Characters antagonist or protagonist could also be an option.

5. Search Characters that  accordance Personality
If you are someone who is shy and quiet, avoid choosing a cheerful character and requires you to smile or cheerful. Conversely, if you have a cheerful character, the possibility of a sad character will not be suitable for you.

6. Confidence
Make sure you are confident with your costume. Remember the purpose of doing cosplay is to have fun.

7. Behavior
Pay attention to your behavior, whether you're in a cosplay competition or not. Good behavior will make it easier to socialize with other cosplayers, so you'll get more experience and new ideas.

You can ask the people around you about the character from which you are portraying. If you choose crossplaying or portray the character with a different sex with you, make sure you have an easy character you play and make you comfortable.

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