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Tips How to Lengthen, Thicken, Bushy, and Curly Eyelashes Naturally

Tips lengthen, thicken, bushy, and curling eyelashes, can be a natural way. False eyelashes Although practical, melebatkan naturally long eyelashes will also provide a beautiful display. and natural way will look more natural. Eyelash thickener waterproof sold in the market, it can cause potentially dangerous side effects. For example is the loss of the original eyelashes when used daily. The reason is because these products do not contain enough moisturizer. In addition, items such as these are difficult to clean, because it is attached. Some women can not easily get rid of upset and began rubbing hard. Though keep in mind that doing so may cause the blood vessels around the eyes burst.

Tips How to  Lengthen, Thicken, Bushy, and Curly Eyelashes Naturally

Here are Tips How to  Lengthen, Thicken, Bushy, and Curly Eyelashes Naturally

1. Olive Oil
Olive oil has been known about the benefits to health and beauty, it is seen with the use of olive oil amid the food composition and also for beauty, sometimes used as face mask, this oil is moisturizing and cleaning. For eyelashes, these oils being the right ingredients to grow eyelashes. The trick, only just apply to the lashes such as the use of mascara, Put olive oil on the fingertips or a cotton bud and put it on the base of the lashes evenly. You can practice before going to bed at night, and clean the next morning.

2. Aloe Vera
Provide a piece of aloe vera are still fresh, cut and take aloe vera gel. Apply the gel on the lashes using mascara brush. Do it carefully, to not hit the eyelid, if exposed, it will be itchy and irritating. it is excellent if done every morning and evening before sleep

3. Coconut water
The content of young coconut water can accelerate the growth of eyelashes quickly and safely. As the above, apply coconut water using brush of mascara on the lashes, and then rinse with clean water. Perform routine in order to become a long eyelashes, thick and tapering quickly.

4. Pecan
Mash pecan until smooth and then apply the pecan impact on your eyelashes. Do it very carefully, when exposed to the eyes can cause eye sore and should be washed with water immediately.

5. Green Tea
Mashed green tea, until smooth and then add a little warm water, dip a cotton in the material mixture, then dab the cotton on the eyelashes. Do this regularly, and your eyelashes will be slender, long and dense grow rapidly.

6. Lime
This fruit is rich in vitamins, including vitamin E and able to lengthen and curl lashes. Squeeze the lemon one is still fresh, and then dip the brush mascara on the lime juice. Apply on eyelashes and do it every morning throughout the day to get maximize results.

7. Capsule Supplements Vitamin E.
There are two ways to use it. First, open the capsule and mix with a little water and apply directly, starting from the base and smooth over. Second, by consume it every day.
Another way the consumption of Vitamin E can be derived from vegetables and fruits. ie the consumption of soybean oil, wheat germ, nuts, bananas, strawberries, beans, green vegetables and more. Its purpose is to stimulate the growth of eyelashes thick and beautiful.

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