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Tips How to Train a Puppy

Puppies usually are adorable and funny; of course, many people love puppies. But there is one challenge when they want to adopt a puppy, namely How to Train a Puppy. For you who just already have a puppy for the first time, it's good to read the following tips that hopefully can help you in training your puppy.

Tips How to Train a Puppy

Tips How to Train a Puppy

1. Let the puppy out every hour
Here are important tips to train a puppy, let the puppy out every hour or two hours on a regular basis. It can be used to train the puppy to urinate more early, and create a pattern so that the puppy had followed the pattern. The Puppy will know when you get him out of the house, meaning it is time for urinate or defecate. Tip: try to use the same door every time you get him out so that the puppy recognize why he is asked to get out.

2. Do not use paper pad
Do not use  pad of paper for pups or urination. This will confuse him when you have to train it out. The puppy will be confused and think they can go anywhere in the house even if no pad of paper.

3. Give reward 
How you treat the puppy can sometimes make the puppy more quickly understood and pushed more quickly trained. When the puppy managed to do what you tell, give rewards. Rewards can be given quite varied and consist of a variety of things such as giving verbal praise or even physically stroking. More often to be nice and get rewarded for it, so he will learn and understand more faster.

4. Give punishment 
A great way to train a puppy is giving warning or punishment when he performs variety of naughtiness. This is one way to discipline him. Giving Punishment is usually no need to be too rough, by sort of tone of voice, usually a puppy knows when he is being scolded. Another way to punish the puppy is locking him  in the cage.

5. Puppy cage / kennel
Kennel or cage is a method which highly recommended for housetraining puppies. The puppy has an aversion to walk in their beds, or where they sleep. Using this method during the day can help housetrain puppy. Do not let your pet locked in a cage for more than three hours without letting him out. Do not let your pet stay in a cage all day. Sometimes, this is often done by the owner of the puppy, so the puppy it becomes inactive. A puppy needs to go out strolling, running to burn off energy!

6. Pay attention to signals
If you notice your pet carefully, you will usually be able to catch the signals given by the puppies when they have to go out. Some signals are usually often do is whine, circular walk, sniff, or other strange behavior. If you forget to let them out, then pay attention to the signals so that you can immediately get him out

7. Keep patient
Have patience when training puppy is the most important key. It takes time to establish a relationship between you and the puppy, moreover, to train it to know in time when to exit, where to sleep, etc. In the early days, certainly a lot of places around the house to be cleaned. And when take puppy to the outside, remember to have patience while you wait for him to do his "job".

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