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Tips How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally

Apparently, for some women, having large breasts is not pleasant. The reason may be the appearance so disproportionate. Large breasts are also easy to attract attention so as to make the owner feel uncomfortable. Large breast size can also affect the spending patterns of having to buy dress size larger. Another effect is to make the posture becomes more stooped and often experience back pain. Therefore, many people are trying to shrink the size of her breasts for reasons of appearance and health.

How to reduce breast size is not only with surgery, there are natural ways even though the process is longer. To reduce breast size, you should identify the problem first. Whether due to genetic factors, obesity, lactation (for breastfeeding), hormonal changes, or the side effects of the drug.

For genetic reasons, the best thing you can do is to control your weight and ensure permanent dense breast tissue, which means there is no health problem. For other causes, how to shrink the breast in general is to lose weight by keeping your diet and exercise. 

Some ways to Tips How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally are as follows:

Tips How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally

1. Exercise cardio
This exercise involves large muscle, especially the legs. The effects of cardio exercise, not only strengthens the lungs and heart, also burn calories effectively. The best time to do it is in the morning after waking, before eating. Type of cardio exercise is running, walking, swimming, aerobics, cycling, and others. Cardio workouts during the week can help reduce the fat in your breasts. Weight training like bench press and pectoral muscles of the chest can tighten and shape the breast tissue. But do not use too heavy dumbbell.

2. Dancing
Dancing with the right moves and focus on dance steps which involve chest movements can also reduce the size of the breast.

3. Massage
Massaging the body and part of the breast with the right techniques will help you burn fat breasts, but do not be too hard to put pressure on your breasts.

4. Consuming coffee
A study conducted by the University of Lund in Sweden stated that habits of coffee consumption can affect to woman's breast size. Toreduce breast size, women are advised to consume 3 cups of coffee every day.

5. Improving food intake
To reduce breast size, you should eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that are processed by frying or fast food. Eating some foods such as ginger, green tea, flaxseed, egg whites, neem leaves and fish oil, are believed to help reduce breasts size. Ginger can help the body to burn fat in a short time. Ginger brewed warm water and add honey is an ideal drink to burn fat in the chest. Drinking two to three cups of green tea every day can also help reduce the size of the breast.

6. The warm water therapy
Breast is the tissue that contains fat. Warm water can break down the accumulation of excess fat. Warm water therapy can be done by a bath using warm water shower that is directed to the breast. Spray the warm water to breast, in a circle, from inside to outside. The spray can resemble like massage which can help blood circulation and melt the excess fat tissue and will be excreted through urine. Do it for 3-4 weeks, do not be too long because it will make your breasts sagging. After 3-4 weeks, use cold water and massage to keep the shape of your breasts.

Having beautiful breasts are a woman's dream. Proportioned form will increase the confidence of women. Six ways breasts shrink can help you have a problem that is too big breast forms. If a natural and safe way to do, then avoid instant and chemical means, so you get a breast form that is not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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