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Tips How to Choose Earrings According Face Types

Earrings are one of the accessories that are often worn by women and can be changed according to need. But there are also wearing one type  in the long term. Shape earrings should suit to your face shape because it will make an appearance could be more attractive.

Instead, women pay attention to the shape of his face before choosing earrings, so when choosing earrings, they will be able to beautify themselves. Earrings that suitable to the face shape will be more useful because it can be worn more often. Buy a lot of earrings, but not suitable to the face will instead accumulate in the accessories box. So keep in mind that not all kinds of earrings is suitable for someone. No matter whether these earrings become a trend, the face shape should be the one that is considered in selection of earrings.

Types of Earrings

Before the match between face shape and type of earrings, we must first know what kind of earrings.

1. Teardrops: This type is like teardrops form.
2. Dangles: dangle earrings or dangle is put under the ear lobe. The form can be beads, round, square, with varying designs.
3, Studs: studs classic types form of stones, balls, and the like.
4. Chandeliers: This types are in the form of decorative stud and drop earrings .
5. Hoops: The kind of classic earrings with a simple circular, be it large or small.
6. Huggies: The kind Hoop earrings similar, but usually are smaller. This type will be attached to the ear by means of a post or clip-on. Usually made of plastic or metal.
7. Cluster: cluster earrings plastered all types earlobe with additional embellishments such as gemstones, rhinestones, or other decorative elements were added under the ear lobe.

Type Face Shape

While the shape of face, can be divided into several types:

1.Oval: oval face shape is face that forehead as wider with the cheekbone. Oval face shape will shrink from cheek to chin so as to form an oval.
2. Round: round face shape is wide at the cheekbones. Face is not tapered to the chin like other facial shape.
3. Heart shaped: the face with a heart shape is a face that the forehead is wider than the cheeks. Furthermore, from cheek to chin tapered.
4. Square: face shape the forehead, cheeks, and chin shape the face as wide as square.
5. Narrow: sometimes referred to as rectangular, narrow face like the square face but more narrower or rather extends downward.
6. Diamond Shape: forehead and chin narrower than the cheeks.

Tips How to Choose Earrings According Face Types

Tips How to Choose Earrings According Face Types

1. Oval Face
Earrings are suitable for women with oval faces are dangle earrings with ornate oval shape. These earrings will attract attention so that it looks more elegant. In addition, women with oval face shapes are suitable to the type of teardrop earrings that will create a balance.

2. Round Shaped
Women with round faces are suitable to wear earrings and dangle teardrop type. However, they should avoid dangling circular earrings because it will make their face look wider. Round face more suited with earrings that are not too wide / large.

 3. The heart shaped face
Earrings are suitable for women with heart-shaped face, is matched with earrings elongated shape or curve. This will help balance your face shape. Type matching earrings are: dangle, teardrop, and chandeliers.

4. Square Face
Earrings are suitable for women with a square face is elongated and dangle hoop type earrings.

5. Narrow Face 
Pearl earrings are perfect for women with narrow faces because it will make them more attractive. In addition can also choose earrings dangle long curved.

6. Diamond Face
Women with facial diamond are matched with a long, elegant and curved earrings. Types of earrings are suitable for diamond face that kind of dangle earrings and hoop.

Although earrings only a small accessories, but can improve the appearance if you choose the right earrings, which also conforms to the shape of the face.

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