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Tips How to Grow Hair Naturally for Bald Head

Hair is very important and greatly affect a person's appearance because, as is well known that the hair is like a crown on the head. Therefore, do not be surprised if almost everyone in the world is very concerned with her hair and even willing to spend money on hair care. But, there are a lot of people also are dizziness due to problems problems that occur on the hair, such as hair loss occurs, and even up bald and hard to grow back. therefore, for those of you, who experience hair loss problems or to go bald, do not worry because I will give you some ways to fix the problem, in order to re-appear confident with a crown on your head, and I'm sure this does not really need a lot of money, for tips on using natural materials.

Tips How to Grow Hair Naturally for Bald Head

1. Coconut milk
Pour 400 to 500 ml coconut milk into a bowl. then apply evenly on the scalp and then cover the head with a towel and wait until 20 to 30 minutes for maximum results. after that rinse your hair thoroughly. it is advisable to do this way routinely and regularly 3 to 5 times a week for maximum results.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil should be used after shampooing, then rub on the head hair up to 5-6 drops, then massage your head. It is recommended that you do it at night, in order to, its oil can be absorbed into the scalp, and let stand until morning, and then rinse thoroughly. Use routinely and regularly for maximum results.

3. yolk
Egg yolks are also one of natural ingredients that are good for hair growth bald although it smelled fishy. Spread egg yolk on your head until evenly to the scalp and massage gently until 10 to 15 minutes. then rinse your hair using shampoo in order to smell do not stay on your scalp. This method is also recommended to do regularly 3-4 times a week.

4. Ginkgo Biloba
Natural Ingredients of this one, quite easy to find and is a plant that originated in China and has been proven to be effective to stimulate hair growth quickly and to strengthen the hair shaft. apply on the hair until evenly to the scalp. ,

5. Skin of Apples
Puree apple skin and then apply on the hair to your scalp. and then wait for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly ..

6.  Green Tea
Tea contains antioxidants that are high enough to make the blood circulation to the head is better so that it can grow hair becomes faster and also makes hair healthy. Brew green tea and apply on the scalp and the hair. then cover the hair with a towel to 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. do routinely and regularly for maximum results.

7. Candlenut
Smash until smooth, then apply on the head until smooth and then wrap the head with a towel. Instead, make at night and rinse in the morning in order to achieve maximum results.

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