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Tips How to Make Vagina Smell Good Naturally

To your vagina is always fragrant, you can perform natural ways to make the vagina becomes fragrant.
Here are the tips on how to make vagina smell good naturally:

Tips How to Make Vagina Smell Good Naturally

1. Lemon Basil leaves
Eugenol contained in basil leaves can kill bacteria and fungi that cause bad smell in the vagina. Basil also contains essential oils, which can scent the vagina.
The trick grabs a handful of basil leaves and then washed with water. Then, basil leaves crushed and squeezed, Take the juice and mix with a teaspoon of honey, plus a small amount of salt. Stir until blended and then drink it. Drink basil leaf extract water regularly every morning, and after you get the desired results, consume it every two weeks. However, despite the helpful overcome vaginal odor.

2. Betel Leaves
Similarly, basil leaves, eugenol contained in the betel leaves can kill the germs that cause bad smell in the vagina. Not only that, but antiseptic substances contained therein can also be used to kill bacteria.
To cultivate betel leaf as fragrance drug vagina, grab 5-10 betel leaves, wash them clean, and then enter it into the pan containing 350cc of water and boil until the remaining half of the pot. Leave it until cool, then wipe the vagina every morning and before bed. By doing this routine, your vagina will always smell. If you have obtained the desired results, it is sufficient to 3 times a week.

3. Pandan Leaves (Pandanus ammaryllifolius)
Quite easy, grab 10 pandan leaves, then washed, mash until smooth, and then filtered while squeezed. Take water and mix the juice with one teaspoon of honey. Add the salt tip of the nail to taste more delicious. Mix it and then drink it. Taken daily at bedtime for two weeks. Once obtained, the corresponding results simply consumed 2-3 times a week.

4. Aloe Vera
Besides having the ability to nourish and make black hair, aloe vera can also be used as fragrances vagina. The way is, grab aloe vera then wash it. Mash until smooth, and add a few tablespoons of honey, stir until blended, and then drink the extract. Drink every day for two weeks before going to bed at night. If you have got the desired result, next drink it for 2-3 times a week.

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