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Tips How to Redden and Moisturize Lips Naturally

The lips are dry and chapped it is making less confident. We will look sick when our lips,seemingly pale and dry. It makes a lot of people doing risky acts, to have beautiful lips. One of the risk actions  is plastic surgery. With great confidence, they get surgery to get red and moist lips  In fact, if the plastic surgery is failed, the lips will damaged.

Tips How to  Redden and Moisturize Lips Naturally

Tips How to  Redden and Moisturize Lips Naturally

Considering the enormous expense and risk scary enough, here I will share to you about tips redden and moisturize the lips without plastic surgery. Here are the ways:

1. Beet
Beet is a fruit that is rich in vitamins and has red flesh. Vitamins and colors are to make your lips become reddish and moist. The way is to mashing fruits beet up like cream. Put the beetroot that has been smooth on your lips and allow up to 25 minutes. After that, you can wash your mouth with clean water. Make these tips a few times, then gradually the color of your lips will be red and become moist.

2. Butter
How to use it is by buttering lips and let stand for several hours. Because of the time used the butter to seep, into the lip is long enough, you can do this way at bedtime and clean it in the morning. By routinely perform this treatment, you will have the look of red and moist lips .

3. Honey
One of the benefits of honey is to make the lips become red and moist. How to use is to apply honey on the lips and leave for several hours. To clean it, you can do by licking or cleaning it with clean water. If you routinely perform this way then your lips will become red and fresh.

4. Cucumber
Slice ​​cucumber into slim size and put on your lips. let cucumber water penetrate into your lips. In addition, to redden and moisturize your lips can also do it with cold water. The trick is very simple with mouth wash using cold water every night before bed. The cold water will make your lips free from dust and dirt also help stimulate the speed of regeneration of the skin. By doing so, your lips, which was originally white, will be changed to red and appear fresh.

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