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Tips How to Shave Pubic Hair for Woman

As a woman, maintain cleanliness in the genital area becomes an obligation to stay healthy and well groomed. Pubic area should be kept clean and well cared for so as not to be a nest of germs. One way of taking care of the female genital is to pay attention to hygiene thick growth of pubic hair around the pubic area.

If you want to make the genitalia easily cleaned in order to avoid hazards such as bacteria or fungi, Also look beautiful and sexy, so, waxing pubic hair to be more neat is the right choice you should do. Before shaving pubic hair, there are some tips you need to look carefully so as not to hurt and itch before or after shaving the pubic hair.

Tips How to Shave Pubic Hair for Woman

1. Use sharp razor
If you want to shave the pubic, of course, you have to use a razor pubic hair. Make sure that the razor will you use, is a new and sharp, replace once a month if you want to shave your pubic hair back. Why? Razor blunt or too often used shaving can cause skin irritations, can not shave cleanly and more likely to spread bacteria. It would be better if you use a double blade razor with a flexible head to pubic or vulva uneven, so that more clean and minimize skin injuries or infections.

2. Shampooing before shaving
Pubic hair is also in need of shampooing, the given conditioner, especially when you want to shave. Shampoo and conditioner to make hair smooth and more easily arranged so you can shave your pubic hair until clean.

3. Do not shaving carelessly
Remember! Do not shave your pubic hair carelessly. You should know that "the right time to shave pubic hair". You can take a shower first or a warm bath, in order to skin and hair softer and easier to shave. Warm water opens the pores thereby making it easier shaved hair up to the base of the hair.

4. Use hair shaving cream
Typically, the shaving cream is used for men's hair cut sideburns or beard. However, you can also use a hair shaving cream in order to result shaving your pubic hair is clean and durable.

5. Shave pubic hair in one direction
If your pubic hair is too long, used scissors to shorten your pubic hair, then shaved. Shaving must be one direction in order to grow later also be neat. If you want better results clean, shaving in the direction opposite the direction of hair growth. If your skin is sensitive, shaving in the direction of hair growth.

After you've been doing shaving the pubic hair, you can add lotion. Apply lotion to your vulva around the area to avoid redness and let that keep skin moist. ,

Well, that's five most correct way tips shaving the pubic hair to avoid pain and itching.

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