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Tips How to Recognize and Buy Genuine Leather Sofa

Having a genuine leather sofa at home is pride. Also, to give comfort and relax to sit for families at home, this furniture can also create a luxurious impression on the overall interior of the room. Due to increasing public interest in leather sofa products, you can find more leather sofa products sold in the market. 

Unfortunately, not all couch manufacturers use genuine leather and keep selling fake leather sofa as real leather furniture. For you not to lose and be deceived when buying a leather sofa, 

Tips How to Recognize and Buy Genuine Leather Sofa
Living Room Genuine Leather Sofa

Here are tips for recognizing the genuine leather sofa.

1.    Read
What is must be read?. You must read the label which attaches to the sofa. Each sofa manufacturer must have a label or at least a brochure containing product specifications and information offered by the supplier. Make sure you read it carefully to find out what type of leather is used. If the information is not available, ask the seller. Be wary leather names, and description can change from supplier to supplier. 

2.    Smell
Genuine leather has a distinctive aroma, which is like nothing else. It is difficult to be described and imitated. Meanwhile, the fake leather sofa has a scent like the chemicals of synthetic fibers used. So don’t be shy, get your nose in there to smell the sofa that you will buy.

3.    Feel
Real leather has a supple and malleable surface. You should be able to sit or press the couch and see if it sinks a little. Sofa made of fake leather is usually more rigid and inflexible. Real leather has fat wrinkles, which prove that leather from animal skin because wrinkles caused by the animal’s fat deposits.

4.    Observe
Observe the grain of the leather, whether uniform or pattern vary. Since leather is a natural material, it doesn’t have a uniform pattern. Meanwhile, imitate leather usually has a uniform grain because it is printed by machine.

5.    Check the back of the sofa

It is important to check the backing to make sure the sofa is made of real leather or not. Check the back whether it is made of leather-like the front of the sofa or even patched with the ordinary cloth. Vinyl and other synthetic leathers are always backed with some form of cloth. If using ordinary cloth, it can be ascertained if the product is fake or imitate.

6.    Price
Don’t be fooled by the low price. Real leather is more expensive than imitation synthetic materials. Regardless of the leather type, real leather is always going to cost more than PVC, so if you think you’ve bagged an unbelievable bargain, double-check that you’re not buying a fake. Of course, some retailers will happily sell PVC sofas for the price of leather!

Thoroughness when buying a leather sofa is so important that you are not cheated, unscrupulous merchants. In addition, you also need to know that cleaning a leather sofa can not be done carelessly because it can damage the appearance.


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