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The Secret Tips How To Succes in Online Shop Business

Related to the title about the secret tips how to success online shop  business,   people rarely know. Maybe  I am wrong, It could be that many people who already know these tips. I don't know why they don't use these tips. Perhaps, they are lazy to use it. But apparently, most of them do not know it. 

No matter they forget or don't know, it has become my duty to save you from the abyss of online business darkness. So what is online business shop success tip will I explain? The script issue? Backlink problem? On page SEO techniques? Keyword research? Facebook marketing? or whatever.
Well, if that's all what you mean, just ask to the masters out there. I'm sure they're better than me. No ... it is not about technical such like that. But, i mean about the point of offering ... Something that you will "wrap" with backlinks, on page SEO, keyword research and so on.

What is the tip for success in online shop business? USP ... Unique Selling Proposition !! The product’s advantages and warranty in marketing. Include when you use online marketing tactics, you must identify your USP. The question is "what is USP definition?"
Well, according to Mr. Reeves Laments in his book "Reality in Advertising", USP should cover 3 main points below:

1. Giving propositions or offers to customers.
When you offer a product or service, you should be able to "say" to them, "Buy this product, you will get special benefits". I think for this point, definitely  you  have no problems. You sell the product naturally, you offer the product’s benefits. The only problem is whether the benefits of your product that you offer to customers is really what they need or not? Because many online shopper businesses do not know whether the benefits of the products or services that they sell are really needed by their customers or not.

2. Proposition or offering must be something that competitors don't have.
Stepping on to the second "requirement" of the USP, you have to offer something that the competitors can not give. In other words your product or service must be unique and not provided by similar products. So what if the products are the same?, Sure, you have to provide other services that competitors do not have. For example: eliminate the delivery cost. Essentially you have something that is needed by prospective customers but your competitors can not do that.

3. The proposition must have a "magnet" that is very strong to attract potential customers.
What does this third point mean? Anybody know? Okey, I explain. When you make a sale online (even offline), you should be able to make an offer that is difficult for your potential customers to reject. For example by playing a promotional program "Buy 2 Free 1" or " 10 Buyers first get 50% discount".

Need a sample? Okay ... I give it. The case study is from my own business. When I sold the cup sealer machine, I always show offers with headlines that was not only tempting, but also contain the first USP points.

Just 5 seconds, our cup sealer machine will seal your plastic glass mouth firmly. The Appearance looks more beautiful and guaranteed hygiene, and certainly ... Never Leaked

BubbleTeaology Electric Fully Automatic Tea Cup Sealing Machine


It seems that in the headline I gave special benefits to my prospective customers? What are the benefits? Yes, right !! the appearance looks more beautiful, the contents becomes more hygienic and not leaked. Only Benefits of its contents,

Then how to trick  related to the second USP points? Well, this is where the "advantages" of my machine business. Cup sealer machine may be the same, the price may also be the same. But if service warranty problem and spare part availability ... no doubt. I have a reliable electrical and mechanical engineer that competitor rarely have.

So prospective customers won't dare to buy in another machine shop. They are afraid that when their machine is breaks down, where they will complain. The price of this machine is expensive. If it's broken how?!! Many other machine shops have no good after-sales service support and spare parts.
After all, I gave a little "threat". I just want to provide service or repair service only for those who buy the machine in my shop, whether that is still a warranty or expired.

The third USP, I always give a very strong "magnet" when the consumer comes or orders to our business machine shop. What's the magnet? Ie if buying the machine that day, I always give a pretty big discounts. The discounts up to tens of dollars. Imagine ... discounts to hundreds of dollars.

Obviously right now? Well, the point is when you jump in to the online business, you do not get stuck with just technical matters like SEO, keyword research, backlinks, scripts and so on. All that matters. But for your prospective customers, SEO, backlinks and friends are not valuable if your product or service does not have USP.

So remember, when you want to offer your product or service with online media, what should you do? Yes, right !! Use 3 tips success of online shop business on top ... If not, you should postpone until you meet your USP.

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