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Tips How to Have Sex or Make Love in Car

Do you wanna have sex or making love in the car? Naughty, naughty! This action is challenging and risky, but in the right way, making love in car can be an exciting experience for you. Before doing this hot session, read these tips

Tips How to Have Sex or Make Love in Car
Tips How to Have Sex or Make Love in Car


- You are smart enough not to do car sex during the day or while driving, right? Do it when the car is parked at night.

- Look for a safe location like a garage or a quiet side street. Avoid playgrounds and empty parking lots, as parked cars in these places can make passers or security guards suspicious.

- Turn off your car after finding a secure parking spot. You do not want the air bag open while in action, right?

- Put a towel or a T-shirt on the chair so your butt is not sticky in a leather chair. You'll thank us later.

- For the girl on top, move to the passenger seat to feel loose and push the back of the chair back. Make him lie down and position yourself on it. Oh, yes!

- You can also do spooning action in the passenger seat. With both of you in a position lying and facing the same direction, "Mr. P" can get in easily - plus, people from outside the car will not be able to see you both.

- Or, do this in the driver's seat: push the back of the chair and sit on his thigh until you both face the windshield. By the way, you can hold the steering wheel to keep the balance.

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